How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer


I don't know about you but the one thing I can't stand is when you go to the effort of painting your nails, making sure they look perfect and then like 3 days later they are so chipped that you have to take it off and start again.
So years ago I started to experiment with different ways to make my nail polish last longer and protect my nails too and I stumbled upon this method and have been using it ever since and I thought today I would share it with you all.

So here are the few simple steps to achieve the perfect long lasting manicure...

Step 1 - File your nails to your desired length.  I find that the less jagged, catchy edges you have the more likely your nail polish is to stay on and the less likely your nails are to break.  I keep my nails short as I like them that length when I wear polish. I use these cheap nail files you get in boots as they are my all time favourites.

Step 2 - Buff your nails.  This Leighton Denny nail buffer is the best one I have ever used.  It has three parts to it, the shine side which you can see in the photo above and on the other side are the other two parts to smooth your nails and the ridges on them too.  Buffing your nails once or twice a month keeps your nails in good health and helps the nail polish look better and smoother too.

Step 3 - Ok, so this is where my special method starts.  I use the Nails Inc Basecoat with Kensington Caviar and paint one coat of it on my clean dry nails after buffing them.  This protects your nails from the nail colour so your nails won't get stained over time and the caviar in the basecoat helps nourish your nails, makes them stronger and more resilient to breaking too.  It also helps the colour stay on longer. Make sure this is fully dry before going on to Step 4.  It should only take a couple of mins.

Step 4 - Paint on two thin coats of your chosen nail polish shade.  You can use any colour, any brand you like and it wont affect this method of prolonging the life of your polish.  Most techniques for making your nail colour last longer normally involves using a certain nail colour brand or something but I think the things you put on your nails before and after the colour matters more.  This is my favourite nail colour ever at the moment its from CND Vinylux polish in the shade Cake Pop, it's the most perfect light candy pink, you can buy it HERE.

Step 5 - After your two coats of nail colour are completely dry (and that's really important if you do step 5 when your nail colour is still wet or tacky then it won't work) Paint on one coat of Nails Inc Top Coat with Kensington Caviar.  This dries in 45 seconds and again is infused with caviar which helps your nails stay strong and also gives your nails a really beautiful wet look/shine. 

Step 6 - After you have painted on Step 5 then paint one coat of Seche Vite over the top.  It doesn't matter if your Step 5 polish hasn't dried fully when you put this on as its a quick dry top coat.  This really locks in your polish and dries your nails fully in a matter of a minute or so.  This also leaves your nails with a beautiful shine.

And there you have it, 6 steps and a beautiful manicure....

I know this sounds like a lot of time and effort but I have been doing this for years and years now and because every single polish you use in this method (apart from your chosen nail shade) dries in around 45seconds to a minute then it honestly takes the same amount of time as it normally would to paint your nails.  I get mine done in around 10mins but the best part of all is that your nail polish will stay on for at least 10 -14 days.  I will get a full 10 days without a chip, like not one and even then its normally just at the edge of a nail and I can normally get a full two weeks with only one or two teeny chips.  The other benefit of this method is when your ready to take off your polish you can normally peel it off in one go rather than using nail varnish remover.  You can just start peeling at the corner and your polish will come off without any tugging in the shape of your nail which is also pretty fun!

If your having trouble with keeping your nail colour on for a long time or your nails are breaking and splitting then I can't urge you enough to try this method.  I love it so much and I never apply nail polish without doing it like this.  I have tried so many other combinations of base and top coats and nothing works like these all do.  I know that Nails Inc can be expensive but there are so many deals on buying them as a duo and they last for such a long time.

I hope this helps you and your nails, let me know if you give it a go and how you get on....

P.S I have the old bottles of Nails Inc that's why they look different and the base and topcoat can look pink but it goes on your nails clear.