Book Review - Where's Warhol

Where's Warhol *by Catherine Ingram, Illustrated by Andrew Rae

A couple of things you might not know about me, one of my favourite books when I was little (not gonna lie, still is) was the Where's Wally? books (If your in America it's Where's Waldo?, right?).  I loved them.  I had so many different ones, paperbacks, hardbacks, I used to always take a 'Pocket version' with me every time I went on a plane, I used to carry the little magnifying cards everywhere that came with the books so I could always 'find Wally' no matter where I was in the world.  I just thought they were the most fun books, at one point I had Where's Wally pencil case, stationery, bags, I was a big time fan.

Someone else I have been a fan of since I was young is Andy Warhol.  When I was around maybe 14 I read a book and it was set in New York and it chronicled the Warhol era. It was the first time that I had really taken an interest of the whole Studio 54 type scene and I was so captivated by it all.  So from then I started to read every book I could find about it, I would read old interviews with everyone from that scene, watch shows/documentaries about it all.  I just thought everything about Warhol and the other people who become so linked with that era were so fascinating.  I fell in love with what Warhol was about, his art and what he stood for.  I love when you learn about people who were so inspiring to a generation and still continue to be up to this day.

So you can imagine how beyond happy I was when I lay my hands on this book.  Where's Warhol works on the exact same premise as Where's Wally.  Warhol is hidden in a ton of different places and scenarios and you have to find him.  The places are so amazing that Andy is hidden in, so many iconic historic scenes and the best part is that there are some other celebs and icons hidden in there too. 

I honestly can not tell you how happy this book made me, two of my favourite things joining forces and making one of my favourite ever coffee table books.  I have had so many people pick this up when they've seen it and been like 'This is ah-mazing'.

The art is really, really stunning too.  I love the type of illustration that was used and all the colours and scenes are just so visually beautiful.

This is such a fun book to treat yourself too or I think it would make the most perfect gift for someone and will definitely put a smile on their face!

I have also seen that the same author and artist have another book about Warhol, so I've just put that at the top of my must read list, it looks so pretty

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