Book Review - Four Weddings and a Fiasco By Catherine Ferguson


Four Weddings and a Fiasco* by Catherine Ferguson
"Katy Peacock lives a life as colourful as her name.
As a wedding photographer, she spends her days making other people smile as she captures all sorts of fun and capers at celebrations that range from the wacky to the wild.
But her own life isn’t looking quite so rosy. Her mum is acting out of character, her menacing ex is back on the scene, and she is torn between two gorgeous men. And that’s before we even get started on the trouble her sister is causing . .
As Katy weathers the ups and downs of the season, she revisits problems from the past, discovers new friendships and finds that four weddings and a fiasco have the power to change her world beyond measure."

Can I just start off by saying how pretty is this cover though?  Ah I know we are all about not judging books by their covers but that colour is just so on point and pretty.
Anyway on to the actual important bit, the story....

This was such a fun read, I read it over a couple of nights and it was just a really lovely fun, light read.
It follows the story of Katy and her life as a wedding photographer and the trials and tribulations that she goes through in her life.  I found myself really rooting for Katy, she is such a funny character and there are so many situations that she finds herself in that you will find yourself giggling away at.

Even though this is a very light read it has a lot of heart and that's what I think separate good chick-lit with the bad.  So many books follow that similar format but as you know it doesn't always work out and your left with a pretty boring, predictable read but thankfully that is not the fate of Four Weddings and a Fiasco.  This manages to have a really strong story running through it that keeps you wanting to turn the pages and find out what’s going to happen....

When there is so much awfulness going on right now in the world I think sometimes you need a book like this, right? Something that you don't have to think about and that you can lose yourself in for a few hours and it will make you laugh and smile and think of summer.

This definitely should have a place on your summer holiday reading list!
Let me know if you've read it already and if you’re a fan?

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