The White Top


1.  Can we take a minute to praise George at Asda.  I have become weirdly obsessed with checking out what new clothes they have in every week.  This is like my favourite ever top.  I feel like I should be running through a field bare-foot when I wear it.  I have bought another few handful of pieces in the last few weeks from George too.  Everything is so cheap and really, really pretty.  They are having a bit of a bohemian moment so I am obviously so totally in love with everything they are selling.  You can buy my top here on Asda.

2.  Can we take another minute to talk about my fading fake tanned hands...I can not cope with those tan-lines in these photos!!

3.  Some bloggers have beautiful sunsets and art adorned walls as their backdrops...I have um lead pipes.  Please excuse the background, my house is getting a new roof and the scaffolding wanted to make a cameo in my pictures.

4.  And you thought I was kidding in my last post when I said I was going to wear my hat literally ever single day...You can buy it on ASOS still too (It's only £12 in the sale now)

5.  I hope you are all having a beautiful day and are enjoying all the lovely sunshine, you can feel summer in the air now can't's so exciting!


GlassesShop said...

wow, very fashion. I love your outfit.