MAC 'So Chaud' Lipstick Review


1.  I wanted to do a little post on 'So Chaud' from MAC.  I have always wanted to try an orange lipstick but was always a bit scared it wouldn't suit me but when I saw a few reviews of this shade I knew I needed to try it.  The people I've seen wearing this, it looks almost tangerine on them, its such a strong orange shade and even in the lipstick bullet it looks a really deep orange but on me it seemed to look a more reddish orange which is actually the official description on MAC's website.  I have Lady Danger which is a really orange based red and this is definitely a lot more orange than that but they are kinda similar in tone.  I can't believe how much I loved this on.  Its super matte which I love and it is really bold and strong but it felt so summery and fresh too.
I wanted to keep the rest of my makeup really subtle and glowy so I just bronzed myself up, and put a little bit of brown eyeshadow, lined my waterline with brown liner but didn't put any on my lash line and put on some brown primer instead of mascara to really give me a paired down look and let the lipstick do all the talking.  I felt so summery and glowy!

2.   This weather beautiful is it?  It has been so beyond warm this past weekend and I've been chilling in the sunshine.  I love when you start to smell barbeque's in the air, you know?  It felt like every neighbour I have was having a BBQ on Saturday and even though I don't like eating anything from them I just think that smell sums up the beginning of summer for me.

3.  Because I've been sitting in the sun for a few days all my freckles have come out (even though always wear a super high SPF) and I love that they peek through my makeup when I wear a more natural look like this, I always feel very sun-kissed!

I hope you like this little quick lipstick review and seeing how I've been wearing my orange lipstick.
Are you guys fans of bright lipstick for summer?

You can buy So Chaud from MAC

P.s. The first picture reminds me so much a JLo's music video hands from the James Cordon Carpool thing...I look like I'm mid dance move, so funny!