Best Sun Protection For Summer

If you have as sensitive skin as I do, then you will know finding a sun cream to suit your skin type can be really hard.  Over the years I have tried so many and taken so many different allergic reactions to them, actually it was only recently when I was trialling a new one that I took another skin reaction, so I have got it down to my 3 summer must-haves and thought I would share them with you.

1.  Nivea - This is my holy grail, can never be without, buy in bulk type sun cream.  My skin seems to love it so much.  Not only have I never taken a reaction to it but it also seems to really hydrate my super dry skin really well.  This is an oil type consistency rather than a cream.  Its invisible on the skin although I find it has a sort of golden sheen whilst rubbing it in.  It's really easy to see what bits you've covered and what bits you've not as its really oily looking on your skin when you first put it on. This doesn't give you a white sheen on your skin or pale you out and I actually think it makes my skin look really glowy and healthy as its oily.  This does leave your skin feeling kinda greasy although that texture does wear off the more you have it on, it honestly doesn't bother me at all but it is something to consider if you don't like that feeling on your skin.

2.  Delph* - This is a newer cream to me that I have been trying out.  Its one of only a handful of sun creams that you can get on prescription from your doctor if you have a skin condition.  It's made to be used for really sensitive or problem skin and I really like it.  Its much more of a traditional sun cream than the one above that I mentioned but it does have a really nice smell and I felt really protected and covered wearing it.  My skin didn't have a reaction to it either and it felt really smooth and soft after using it too.  Its a thick cream and because of the texture it does leave your skin slightly tacky to the touch but again like the one above this doesn't bother me in the slightest and I don't know any sun cream that doesn't leave your skin feeling slightly greasy.  This is definitely one that I will always have on hand now too.

3.  UltraSun - This is sun cream for your lips basically.  My lips can get really, really dry in the sun and this seems to work wonders at protecting them and keeping them moisturized too.  Just a really handy thing to always carry about with you.  Its clear and just looks like you are wearing a little bit of lip balm.

I hope this list might help you pick a new sun cream if your looking for one.  Let me know what your favourite one is...?