Products to help dry skin


I have such super dry skin, it's always been dry but when it comes to winter my skin gets even dryer and dehydrated and when I'm sitting with my ten jumpers on and two scarfs I don't really care what my skin underneath is like but when it gets to this time of year and you can feel the spring in the air and your thoughts are going to summer then I always like to start getting my skin ready for having it's big summer reveal (well by reveal I mean showing some ankle if I'm lucky considering Glasgow isn't exactly known for its hot weather) .

Getting your skin hydrated, soft and smooth for summer is all about maintenance I think and starting way before you need too.  So I thought I would share with you some of the things that I am using at the minute to get my dry skin looking well not so dry....

Body - I haven't actually pictured it here (it was in my shower and I actually forgot that I hadn't taken a photo until I loaded these) but my favourite ever moisturiser for my body is the Nivea In-Shower moisturiser.  I really thought when this product was launched a few years ago that it was all hype, but I have been using it now since it was released and I love it so much!  It is the only thing that keeps my extremely dry skin on my body soft.  Its so quick and easy to use and I love that you use it in the shower rather than having to moisturise when you come out so it saves so much time. - Nivea In - Shower Moisturiser

Feet - These are something new I've been trying for the past few months.  They are socks that the heel of them has been infused with a solution that cures your dry and chapped heels.  You can't actually feel anything in the socks, there is just a little bit of material inside the sock at the heels and a secret Chinese remedy has been put on that to solve your dry skin problems and its works slowly to help the skin.  Again my feet are so dry and these have really helped.  You have to keep them on for a little while and you really can see the difference in the appearance of the skin on your heels.  What's great is that you can just wash the socks like normal and the remedy in the socks lasts for so many washes, more than enough to solve your dry skin problem for summer time!  Just make sure to wear them really often and then you will notice such a massive difference in your feet - Beautyfeet by SockShop*

Hands- I've posted about this hand cream before.  Basically its amazing, the best I've ever tried and I've tried a ton of them and it lasts for ages and ages too! I can't say more other than if you have dry hands, you need this in your life- Neutrogena Hand Cream

Lips - This is my miracle- must have product.  I use it for everything but especially my lips.  A teeny tiny amount of this on your lips at night makes them so hydrated and smooth.  I also use this on super dry patches of my skin around my body like knees and elbows too.  I also use this on spots as it takes the redness out of them and really shrinks the appearance. For summer I carry this with me at all times, it helps with burns, bites, scratches anything you can think of this can probably help with and I just can not be without! - Paw Paw Ointment

I hope this little list of what I'm using to help my dry skin can helps yours and get your skin feeling lovely and hydrated for summertime.  Let me know what are some of your favourite products that you love using to get your skin ready for summer, I am always looking for recommendations....