Minnetonka Boots


These are my favourite shoes I have ever owned and it sort of blew my mind when I'd realised that I'd never done a post on them before on here.
I bought these maybe 7 or 8 years ago.  I saw them on Sienna Miller when she was going through her boho phase and I knew that I needed them in my life. 
I have worn them non stop and they still look amazing, I think they are the type of shoe that gets better with age.  Also I've worn them in just about every weather condition and they have held up amazingly well without getting stained or marked too.
Apart from them looking so darn pretty my other favourite thing about them is that they are 'THE COMFIEST SHOES IN THE WORLD' yep that was such a bold statement that it deserved caps lock on.  Seriously though, they have these springy padded soles that make you feel like you are walking on a sort of foam.  The suede is so soft that it literally moulds to the shape of your foot.  If you are going anywhere where you will be walking for a while or walking somewhere far and need a comfy shoe you need to have a try of these.
So I was googling around to try and find the cheapest place to link to for you guys to be able to buy these and as you probably know Minnetonka is pretty expensive which is why I wanted to try and link to somewhere that was maybe a couple of pounds cheaper for you all but I've actually stumbled upon the fact that ASOS has most of their Minnetonka styles in the sale which means that right now you can buy these for £33.50 rather than £88, how crazy is that?
I want to add more Minnetonkas to my collection as I'm the biggest fan of the brand so I'm off to check out the sale too and see if I can pick myself up a bargain.
Buy this style on ASOS (P.S. There wasn't many sizes left so go fast but if you want this style and its sold out, Office, Rubber Sole and Urban Outfitters also sell it)