Book Review - Knights Of The Borrowed Dark by Dave Rudden

Knights Of The Borrowed Dark* by Dave Rudden
"Grey placed his finger in the middle of the shadow.
'What's this?' he asked.
Denizen frowned. 'It's a shadow.'
'No, it isn't,' Grey said. 'It's a door.'

Denizen Hardwick doesn't believe in magic - until he's ambushed by a monster created from shadows and sees it destroyed by a word made of sunlight.
That kind of thing can really change your perspective.
Now Denizen is about to discover that there's a world beyond the one he knows. A world of living darkness where an unseen enemy awaits.
Fortunately for humanity, between us and the shadows stand the Knights of the Borrowed Dark.
Unfortunately for Denizen, he's one of them . . ."

So I never read books like this.  My whole life I have been about things that are real, real stories about real people on TV, books, films etc.  Even when I was little I never liked books or films that weren't full of things that could actually happen in real life compared to being able to fly or become invisible or something.  It's not that I couldn't imagine it or understand it, I just got so bored with it, I was like why would I care about something that isn't real. I know I'm in the small minority, my mum and sisters all love their books and TV shows filled with mythical creatures and wizards galore but I've always sat there and been like 'meh' not for me, where's my Gilmore Girls at, you know haha.  But as I review so much of the same sort of genre on my blog I wanted to try and branch out a bit and start reading a couple of books a year that I never normally would to see how I got on and the first one I have tried is called Knights Of The Borrowed Dark....

All the press releases and early reviews of this books were hyping it up to be the new 'Harry Potter' and I totally get what they mean even though I normally dislike all those comparisons.  I think what they mean though is that its so different and new.  Harry Potter came about when there really wasn't anything else like that on the market and even though this book is in the same genre that's filled with new books every week, it really does feel very different to anything I have read in a long time. 

This book is dark and it's scary, well for me and I guess that isn't saying much haha!  I don't know the definitive age that 'Children's Fiction' is aimed at but I would say somewhere between 8 to 13 or something, right?  I really do think this is an ageless book though, if you have an interest in this sort of genre it won't matter if your 8 or 80 I think you will still really enjoy it.

Even though I don't like things that aren't real, monsters, robots and the like and this book is filled with unreal things (or are they...hmmmm) why I really wanted to try it is I thought the fact that Denizen doesn't believe in any of that stuff either would make it a fun read for me, sort of like me and the main character were both as sceptical as each other going into the story and Denizens heart and story was what really made me enjoy this book the most.  He gave the book a real warmth and made you really root for him.  I'm all about the good guys winning and I liked that this is what the book at its core was about.

I can see why so many people are excited to read this book I think that its going to be a new favourite for so many people.  I actually gave it to my mum after I had read it (who loves this type of book) and she really, really loved it!

This is the first book of a trilogy and if your looking for a present to buy any children, I'm pretty sure this will be the one that everyone will be talking about in the playground in no time so I would get in there fast and gift them this.

If you like dark, mysterious, action packed modern fantasy then this is your dream book.  And it also has a stamp of approval from me,  someone who doesn't like any of that and I still enjoyed it so I hope you really like it if you decide to give it a go too.

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