MakeUp Geek Foiled Eyeshadows

Every since I started watching beauty/makeup videos on YouTube I have felt like my life was missing something really important...MakeUp Geek.

But thankfully just before Christmas last year BeautyBay decided to be all our saviours and start stocking the cult American Make-up brand.

If you don't know about the MakeUp Geek hype its basically famous for having amazing products, mainly eyeshadows that are super cheap but are said to rival the best in the business but for half the price (cough, cough MAC).

Being a massive fan of Jaclyn Hill's make-up channel (isn't everyone though?) I felt like my life desperately needed some foiled eyeshadow's from the brand but of course so did everyone else so when they hit BeautyBay's site they sold out almost instantly and so did every re-stock for the next while but I eventually got my hands on a couple of the colours I wanted for Christmas and I thought I  would tell you my thoughts...

The Good - Honestly the colours are stunning.  I knew I really, really wanted Flame Thrower (The orange/copper shade) as I've seen so many people wear it and it just looks stunning especially with blue eyes I think and I really wasn't disappointed.  Its such a perfect shade so much more wearable than it looks in the pan too.  I was a little on the fence about In The Spotlight (The gold shade) as it was more of a peachy gold rather than yellow gold shade and I didn't know if it would suit me but again I loved this shade when I wore it.  Its so subtle and more of a sheen of colour than a really strong shade and it really does have a pinky gold colour to it.  Flame Thrower is definitely one of my favourite eyeshadow colours of all time, it really is just stunning and In The Spotlight is one of those shades that I will always make sure to restock and have in my collection too.

The pigment of colour is crazy, like the teeniest amount of colour and it covers your whole lid, you really will get so much use out of these shades and only have to use a little amount each time.

The Not So Good - I have super dry skin all over my face, even my eyelids so having oily eyes have never been an issue for me so when I first used these shadows I used them without a primer and they had creased really badly on my eyes within an hour and by the end of the day the colour had nearly all disappeared completely.  So the next time I used a lot of primer thinking that would solve the problem and it didn't, it didn't even help very much at all.  So I was really upset thinking I couldn't use the colours but then I managed to fix it once and for all when I layered a normal matte eyeshadow all over my lid and then applied the foiled eyeshadow to it. The MakeUp Geek eyeshadow stayed on my lid the whole day, didn't move at all or crease and that's the way I have been wearing the shadows ever since and it works amazing every time.  If you don't want a colour under your foiled eyeshadow then just use a nude/cream shadow and it won't alter the shade but just give your foiled eyeshadow something to stick onto.

Would I Buy Them Again - Yes, 100%.  To be honest if I hadn't managed to sort out the sliding off the lid problem I wouldn't but now that I've managed to find a solution I want every colour in the collection because I am such a massive fan of the shades.  Its a little annoying that they come in the loose pans but if I get my hands on any more I will definitely invest in a Z-Palette to keep them all in.  If you are looking for a metallic, strong shade then I would urge you to give these a try, but just remember to wear a shadow underneath them!

You can buy all the colours on BeauyBay for £7.95
Orange/Copper shade - Flame Thrower (seems to be out of stock at the moment)
Gold/Peach shade - In The Spotlight