Cinema Light Box

I just realised today that even though I have posted pictures of my Light box on this blog before I haven't actually spoke about it or where I got it from and I've had a few people ask so I thought I would do a little post.

It's so pretty, its basically a mini cinema Light Box and comes with 69 letters (and symbols and numbers) that you can use to write anything you want and slid it on the box, its really easy to use.
It has a super strong bright, white toned light that really does light up the room.  It is battery operated so you don't have to plug it in anywhere which I love too.

I had wanted one of these for the longest time and was so happy when my mama bought me this for Christmas, I really love it!

It's such a great fun gift for someone or if your having a party or celebration it's cool to be able to have one of these on show.

I got this one from Up In Lights and it is £30 they also have one with coloured letters instead of black.  If you've never used the site before you should have a look around it.   Me and my whole family have bought a ton of lights from there and they are always so pretty!