Bloom & Wild Flowers


The Eleanor from Bloom & Wild*

OK, so massive flower picture overload but I just couldn't help myself.  I could take pictures of pretty flowers all day long and when they are as beautiful as these I just couldn't stop.

I have wanted to try Bloom & Wild since it launched as I just thought the whole concept and branding was amazing.  I am such a sucker for stunning packaging and presentation and I just knew Bloom & Wild was going to reel me in with all their brown paper box loveliness.

If you've never heard of Bloom & Wild, its an online flower shop that delivers bouquets to your door and it also gives you the chance to order a subscription of flowers so you can get them through your door every week, twice weekly or monthly.

The best thing though is that the flowers are packaged in a box so they fit through your letter box and you will never miss your delivery of your fresh flowers.

I got the Eleanor bouquet to try and I wanted to give them to my mum as an early mothers day present.  My mum is obsessed by flowers. I mean I love flowers and think they are beautiful but I know absolutely nothing about them whereas my mum is a major gardener she knows the name of every flower and can identify them at the side of a road, she has that level of love for them so I was a bit nervous in case she wouldn't think her bunch was up to scratch but I didn't need to have worried because she loved them so much, which is a major compliment coming from my mama.

She sends bunches of flowers to her friends and family all the time and she is super particular on what companies she uses as she likes to try the flowers out before hand and she loved this bouquet I got her so much she has already went ahead and ordered another bunch to be delivered to her sister today, so its a massive thumbs up from her.

The flowers are sent when some are in bloom and some aren't so that they last you a really long time, mine are on day 6 and they look stunning still.  I had to separate the lilies from the rest of the bunch though as we are all super allergic to them in my house and I didn't realise they would be in this bunch which is completely my fault but the website has lots of bunches without them if you have the same problem and if your getting a subscription you can request to never be sent lilies if you don't want them.  I couldn't help still put them on display though as they are so crazy beautiful, I just cut them down to size and popped them into an old jam jar which is my favourite way to display flowers.

I can't tell you what a treat it is to get some Bloom & Wild through your door, its such a stunning luxury company (which actually has amazing, reasonable prices though).
I really think these would make the best, really special gift for Mothers Day if you haven't thought of a gift yet.

Have a look at the site Bloom & Wild and let me know what your favourite flowers are?