All About Hayu

I love Netflix but you know when your having one of those days and your just like I don't want to watch a super serious TV show about prisons, politics or murders and you've seen all the movies that you want to watch and you just feel like you need to binge on some Kardashians?
Well if your anything like me the one thing that you won't like about Netflix is its massive lack of reality TV.
But worry no more people as I have found you your new favourite thing...Hayu.

It's basically Netflix but for reality TV only.  It has over 3000 episodes of shows on there already and they are adding new ones all the time. 
It's a subscription service that you can cancel anytime and it charges you month to month just like Netflix, amazon etc.

The thing that made me really want to try it out though was that they have so many American TV shows that haven't been shown over here and they are putting up the new episode of most of their American shows the same day that they air in the US so you don't have to wait around to watch them any more.

Being the biggest fan of reality TV I thought I would give you a little list of some of my faves that are on the site in case you are looking for a new favourite show to get into...

1.  Apres Ski - This is what I'm watching at the moment.  It's all about the ski resort in Whistler and it follows a new start up VIP ski venture and all the people that work for it.  I am really, really enjoying it, it has the perfect mix of drama, partying and arguments which we all know is the key to having a perfect reality show.

2.  Rich Kids of Beverly hills - This is one of my favourite shows.  The show follows the life of people who all grew up and live in Beverly Hills and are basically just really rich.  This really is such a funny show, Morgan is one of my favourite people on TV I always find myself quoting her for days after watching the show.  I went into watching this when it first started thinking all the people in it would be awful and terrible but I actually really like them and (most) of them seem really sweet.  I think this is a must watch.  Also The Hoff makes a cameo in it, just perfect seriously...

3.  Keeping Up With The Kardashians - It has to be on the list right?  No introduction needed but if your wanting to watch a show that is fun and has drama then this is for you.  I am a massive Kardashian's fan and love the show so much, I know the family split's opinion but they know how to make good TV.  Also you can watch each new episode on Hayu the same day it premieres in the US.

4.  Below Deck - This is super similar to Apres Ski, except its set on a boat not ski resort.  It follows the crew of a luxury yacht and the clients who use it to holiday on.  I never knew such a thing as that type of holiday even existed but its so interesting to watch and its filled with drama too.

5.  The Rachel Zoe Project - This show follows the life of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe.  This is another favourite of mine and I can't wait to watch all the episodes of it I've missed.  If you love fashion and celebrities then this one is for you.  Rachel is kind of um.. well she's one of a kind so its a pretty entertaining, crazy watch.

6.  Its a Brad, Brad world - So Brad worked for Rachel Zoe and featured in the aforementioned 'Rachel Zoe project' until there was pretty major drama (all filmed obvz) and he left and started working as a stylist in his own right and managed to get his own show to film him doing so.  I have wanted to watch this for the longest time and I'm only a few eps in and I already know its going to be a favourite.

7.  Made in Chelsea - Probably my favourite show I watch on TV.  I have been a fan from the very first episode and my love for it has never wavered.  Again its probably self explanatory but this show follows the life of rich people from Chelsea and all that they get up too.  I've yet to find a reality show I love as much as this.  You can watch every episode from the beginning too.

8.  Married To Jonas - This follows the life of the oldest Jonas Brother Kevin and his wife Danielle basically just living their life.  Nothing much happens and there is no drama or arguments really, its just a super sweet show that's nice to watch.  I was never a fan of the Jonas Brothers so didn't really know too much about them when I started watching this but if your looking for something a bit different to normal reality TV then I would try this.

9.  The Real Housewives of The OC/NY - Hayu has every Housewives series from the franchise and every episode from start to finish.  My favourite housewives are the New York and Orange County one's.  Just perfect reality tv with people being so outrageous that watching it makes you feel really happy that you have a super normal life.

10.  Shahs of Sunset - This follows more rich people in Beverly hills (do you see I have a bit of a theme here) I had always wanted to watch this show but had never seen an episode until a few days ago when I started watching it.  I'm only on season 1 and a few eps in but I'm liking it.  I know it gets compared to The Kardashians all the time but I would actually say that it seems more similar to The Housewives, so if you like them and have seen them all then I would give this a watch.

Let me know what your favourite reality shows are and if you know of any you think I'd love?

You can get your free months trial of HayU and then every month after that is £3.99.