NYX Wonder Pencil review

I had wanted to try this NYX Wonder Pencil for so long and I finally got it for my Christmas and I am even more in love with it than I thought I would be.

The 411 on the Wonder Pencil is as follows -
CONCEAL your flaws and blemishes with creamy precision
LINE your lips against lipstick bleeding and fading
BRIGHTEN your eyes along the water line.
I wanted it for lining along my waterline and that's all I've used it for so far but I think it would probably be pretty amazing as a nude lip liner under most lip colours too.  I think I would buy another one to try it out as lip liner as I don't think I'd like to use something on both my lips and eyes at the same time, I mean I know if you sharpen it, it should remove any bacteria but I'm a bit funny with things like that so I think I would just get another one.
As a liner on my eyes, I am obsessed with it.  Its the perfect nude colour without being too white or pink, its just a little bit brighter than my natural waterline colour so it really does brighten up my eyes so much. 
I thought you could see it on my waterline quite well in the above picture, I have no idea why I am giving such intense side-eye but at least it shows off the liner well, haha!
I love putting black on my waterline but I was getting a bit fed up with it and wanted something that would open up my eyes more, make then look more awake and bigger too and this pencil does all of those things.
Its also just so soft and creamy which for me is a must in an eye pencil.
When I use black along my waterline it comes off so quickly but I find that the nude lasts a lot longer I think its because it has such a great texture that it sticks better.
If your looking for a nude eye pencil or just want to make yourself more glowy and awake looking I would give this a go as its perfect.
I got mine in Boots for £4 in the shade 'Light'