MAC Strobe Cream

I know I'm about 15 years too late jumping on the Strobe Cream bandwagon but when I got this for Christmas it was my first time trying it and I love it so much now!

Strobe Cream if your like me and not that familiar with it, is a really light, glowy, highlighting liquid from MAC.  I would say its more of a dewy sheen or glow though rather than a highlight which is what has always put me off it as I love a really, really strong highlight but now that I have it, I realise there are just so many ways to wear it other than a traditional highlight!

I wear mine under my foundation for a slight dewy look or I mix it with my foundation when I want a really glowy, healthy look all over my face.  For the past few weeks I've also been applying it to just the areas I want to highlight then adding my really strong highlighter like my Mary-lou manizer or Watt's up over it and it makes my highlight totally pop.

It is just such a really beautiful, versatile product and I can't wait for it to be summertime too so I can put some on my legs and arms to make them glow too.

If your looking for a really healthy dewy glow rather than a super strong highlight then this is for you.
You can buy it on MAC for £10 or a bigger version for £24.50