Gilmore Girls Book Club


So a while ago I decided that I wanted to do something a little bit fun and different in between my normal book posts. 
I love reading and books and putting up my reviews on my blog but I wanted to do a fun challenge to make myself read books that I would probably pass by or maybe to make me read books that I have always wanted to read but have put it off. 
So one night whilst watching my favourite show in the world Gilmore Girls I came up with an idea.  Put my two loves together and create a fun book club type feature. I also thought that it would be a fun time to do it given the GG Reunion news that broke a little while ago.
Books are such a massive part of Gilmore Girls, they are like a main character in the show themselves.  If Rory's not reading them then Lorelai is quoting passages from them.
There are tons and tons of those lists floating around the Internet of all the books that Rory has read and there are reading challenges to go with them but I could never get through them and there are lots on that list that I just wouldn't be interested in reading. 
So I decided to put my own little twist on it and pick from a list of books that have been mentioned or quoted on the show and I've narrowed that list down to 8.
These are all books that I am desperate to read and couple that I have already read and would love to talk about on here.
I wanted to make sure I picked a really different array of books and genres that I wouldn't normally talk about on here but would still work with my taste and would fit in with this blog too.
I also tried to not pick just 'classics' and put some random choices in there that not maybe everyone has read already.
I decided as well to turn it into a little mini book club type feature too.  Nothing intense or that you have to follow or sign up for just something you can do along side me or even just dip in and out when you fancy.
My idea is that I have picked the 8 books and put the dates next to them when I will be doing the post and review on the book.  That's so that if you want to read along then you know when I will be doing the post and you can read the book for then.  You can read them all or just a few its completely up to you.  Or you can even wait until I have put the post up and tell you a little more about the book and then choose to read it, its completely your choice.
I just thought it would be fun to have the book club element as then we can have real discussions about the book in the comments, twitter and instagram on the day the post goes up.
If enough people are interested in each book we could maybe even organise a time and do a little mini chat about it on twitter on the post date too?
So just let me know what you think about it all.
I am so excited as I haven't ever done anything like this on my blog before and even if you don't want to join in I really hope you enjoy hearing about some different types of books to what I normally post about on here.
I can not wait to get stuck into these books either, some I have wanted to read for years and years and I've always put it off, so I can't wait to finally get started on them!
I have made a little Cut out and Keep guide for you below with all the book titles and dates the posts will be going up!
Let me know what you think?
Leave a comment below or talk to me on Twitter HERE or Instagram HERE

P.S. You don't need to have watched Gilmore Girls before to be a part of the book club either....but seriously why haven't you watched the show, its amazing. haha! The posts will mention Gilmore's but they will be mainly about the books so don't worry!


char said...

Ooh, yes. I love the sound of this. I read Emma last year for the first time so will be watching with interest to hear what you think of that, and I'll be tracking down the first book if I can.