Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter Review


I am obsessed by highlighters, seriously obsessed.
It is my must have make-up item.  That whole what 'beauty item would you take to a desert island question', my answer is always highlighter.
It just makes you look better, you know?
You can use it everywhere, legs, arms face wherever and it just makes you look healthy and glowy and makes your makeup look flawless too.

Since I started wearing makeup when I was about maybe 14, my makeup for school everyday used to consist of black eyeliner with a flick, mascara, bronzer, blusher and high-beam highlighter from benefit.

Since day one I knew I couldn't live without my highlighter and I used high-beam for about 10 years straight.  It was and is just so amazing.  Also highlighter didn't seem to be a part of everyones routine back them so there wasn't as many on the market but any I tried were just not as good as high beam at all.

Fast forward to now and there seems to be a new highlighter launching everyday.  I am now the proud owner of many highlighters but most I haven't spoke about on here as I have such a high standard for them and if it doesn't make the cut I just don't feature them.
So any highlighter I feature on here is because its genuinely amazing.

Obviously I still love and use high-beam all the time and I am also still continuously blown away by how amazing my Mary-Lou manizer is (My review of it is HERE) so I didn't think I would be needing another highlighter in my life any time soon but then I started to see all the hype about Benefit's Watt's Up and knew I needed to try it.

So my awesome mama got me one as part of my Christmas, and here is my review...

The highlighter comes in a creamy stick with a little sponge applicator on the other end.
The plan is that you draw on a line or two of highlighter wherever you want it on your face and then you blend it in with the sponge.
I did this the first handful of times I used it and it works fine and does really blend and blur the highlighter.
Although I feel personally for me I like to use my fingers or a brush as I feel that blends it into my face a little bit more seamlessly but that is just personal choice I guess and I think its good that you do get the sponge to use as an option.

The highlighter is a cream and the description says it turns to powder when applied.  I would disagree with this slightly though.
It definitely is a straight-up cream when its own your face and I understand what they mean as it does have a more powder look on your face when applied but its definitely not a powder in the traditional form.
If your not a fan of a powder highlight please don't let that put you off this as it still has 100% the texture of cream on your skin just not the full look.
I was so happy with the finish and feel of the highlight and was so happy that is wasn't a full powder finish either.

I find the hardest thing to photograph when I'm taking pictures of my make-up is the highlight, so I really hope I've managed to catch it enough so you can see it in the above picture.  I took a few pictures of it in the stick whilst it was hitting off the light to show you just how crazy amazing the reflection of light and highlight is.

The highlight is the most perfect warm, champagne, golden colour. It is one of the strongest highlights I have used and its very similar in highlight to the Mary-Lou Manizer although I think this one might even be the slightest bit stronger and a wee bit warmer in colour too.

The colour is perfect for my pale skin tone I find, not too bronze but still warm enough to give me a beautiful glow.  But I have also seen this on much darker skin too and its equally as beautiful.

The staying power is amazing as it keeps its cream like texture so really sticks onto your skin and stays so bright and vibrant all day long.

I can honestly say that if you are looking for a really strong, powerful golden highlight then I am so sure you will just fall in love with this.

I am so, so happy with it and I have wore it non stop since I got it and its officially joining my 'can't live without highlighters' club (yes, that is a real thing)

You can buy this from Benefit for £24.50