Zumba Workout DVD Review


Zumba Dance Workout DVD*
"Join the dance-fitness revolution that changed the way we "workout" forever. It's fun, effective and best of all? Made for everyone. People from all around the world have joined the calorie-burning dance fitness party and achieved amazing results and now it's your turn.
Learn from the creator of the Zumba himself, Beto Perez, as he takes you through the essential moves to get you dancing yourself into shape.
Three Easy-to-follow Dance Fitness Workouts
Step-By-Step - Learn the basic steps of the 4 core rhythms found in a Zumba class.
Dance, Dance, Dance - Put those new moves to work as you rock out in this easy-to-follow 30-minute class.
Super Cardio Dance Party - Get a total body rush with this intense, high calorie-blasting workout with super cardio bursts in every routine."

Everyone has heard of Zumba, right? It feel like this is the word that has been linked with working out and 'New Year Resolutions' for the past couple of years now with classes popping up everywhere, from your local community hall to the high school gymnasium.  Everyone seems to rave about it but going to dance classes just isn't for everyone so Zumba have bottled up all that awesomeness you get from their classes and put it in a DVD for you to use at home, I've been having a go at it and here is my verdict...

Now there was a point in time where I had around 7 or 8 dance videos (yep, videos, VHS tapes, rocking it old school babyyyy) that I used on rotation as well as going to dance classes throughout the week.  I LOVE dance, watching it, doing it, everything about it.
I am a really big fan of at home workout DVDs especially dance ones as I know that it can be hard to pick up a routine fast in a dance class and there is nothing worse than feeling self conscious when all your meant to be doing is having fun and working out.  I find dance DVDs are so effective at getting you fit when you don't even realise because you concentrate so hard on picking up the routine  that you don't even realise how amazing the workout is that your doing, until you wake up the next day and cant actually move your body your muscles are so sore!!

So it's been a long time since I used any of my dance VHS tapes (problem number one being the are VHS tapes haha) and I really wanted to get back into using at home workouts and I couldn't wait to finally have my first taster of Zumba.

All the routines are broken down into super easy step by step moves, and I do mean super easy.  All together it looks like you would never be able to  learn it or tackle it but honestly when its broken down its crazy how simple it is to learn.  Beto the creator of zumba is fronting the DVD and teaching you damn (try and take you eyes of his hair, its pretty spectacular) and he seems funny and sweet and makes really clear instructions too, he also goes over every move a few times.

You then put it all together and you have a routine.  There are 3 sections like what the description above says and I definitely haven't done all three together yet, I never go into these DVDs having not exercised in a while and do a whole massive workout as it doesn't make me feel good the next day so I take each section and do maybe one a few days a week, then the next week do two sections and so on until I have completed the whole DVD and can do it all.

I really love the type of Latin dance and music that is on this workout, I find it so fun and the steps are simple even though they are fast.

I have been enjoying using this so much and my sister is already trying to steal it off me.  She has went to zumba classes before but would feel more comfortable doing the DVD and I think that's why so many people will enjoy this.

If your just wanting to have some fun exercise in your life every week on top of maybe your usual classes or gym work then I would definitely give this a go, I'm sure you would be able to get through the pace of the DVD no bother at all and it will make you feel amazing afterwards.

If your like me and your slowly wanting to get back into exercise then I would urge you to pick a copy of this up too, it really made working out feel fun and not a chore (but I'm biased as I love dancing so if you don't maybe take a rain check) but I would say pace your self, don't do the whole DVD in the one sitting if you haven't worked out for a while and do the cool down on the DVD too as its great and really does help your muscles ache less the next day.

I am so happy I tried this DVD and can't recommend it enough, are you a fan of Zumba?

You can buy the DVD from Amazon for £10


L.T. said...

Good for you for finding something you can do and enjoy! I seem to have no hand eye coordination and am terrible at following along in Zumba haha.