The Dutch Braid


 When I was really little I just loved doing all my Barbie's and dolls hair and makeup.  Everytime I changed their outfit I had to change their makeup and hair to match which resulted in some of my dolls and Barbie looking like fabulous hot messes I'm not gonna lie haha!
But as I got older and my Barbie's and dolls were put into their resting places (a large cardboard box  filled with old toys which my niece now loves although every other day she does present me with a cabbage patch kid doll that resembles Ru Paul and shes like 'whats up with its face' as its smeared with glorious blue eyeshadow and black liner haha) I still loved doing hair.  I moved onto doing real peoples hair and when anyone wanted plaits or a some curls I was the gal ready and waiting with my hair tongs.

My mama actually got me a couple of hairdressing heads, you know those things that have a face and hair on top that they give to hairdressing students to practise on, well she got me a couple as I just loved to practise doing hair all the time.  By the end of primary school I had every plait down, I could French, dutch, cornrow, make shapes with plaits.  My mum showed me how to do a normal plait and a French one and from there on I would just look at pictures (this was pre Internet peeps) and copying them until I got it right, I used to sit for hours until it looked the same and I just loved it so much but weirdly the one thing I could never do was do it in my own hair.  I can do a normal plait in my own hair and French braid it and maybe do one or two mini cornrows at the side but other than that I just could never do it without it looking like such a mess.

So fast forward to now and its been a long time since I have really practised all my braiding skills.  I still done a little bit here or there when I was at high school but plaits and braiding sort of became a bit less popular until a few years ago and its like every second person on the street is rocking some plaited masterpiece.  So I decided a little while ago that I was going to practise again but this time on my own hair so I could get my own plaits looking as nice as when I do them on other people. So I can do a good fishtail plait now on myself but the dutch one above was proving pretty hard to do it without it looking messy. 

To be honest I probably gave myself more work than I need too because the one I did above isn't just a straight dutch plait I made a sort of S shape with it as it went down my head as I wanted to try something a bit different but overall I thought these were ok as this was the second time I've done them in my hair since I was like 9 or something so after a few more practises I think I should be flying. 

It really is such a good hairstyle for when you need all your hair off your face.  I'm not going to lie I'm not the biggest fan of having all my hair scraped back like this as I think its a bit to severe for my face shape and I think the next time I do it I will make them a lot more loose and bohemian looking but it really is quick and is just a fun style when you want something different.  It took me around 10 mins probably from start to finish as I was still trying to remember how to do it but when I done them on my mums hair (again looked so good and perfect when I done them on someone else ahhh) it honestly took a few minutes!

If your looking to learn or refresh your dutch braiding skills then I would check out THIS video on youtube as I found that one the easiest to follow when I wanted to remind myself of how to dutch plait but there really are tons of amazing and helpful videos out there!

Are you a fan of braids and plaits?