Kate Spade Yearly Planner



Hey guys,
How are you all?
I can't believe Christmas and New Year are gone already, doesn't it always just fly buy?
I hope you all had a really beautiful time over the holidays and had lots of fun and laughs, I did!

I thought I would start off the new year with something 'new year appropriate'.  Just after Christmas I ordered this Kate Spade planner. I have wanted a Kate Spade planner for years, I am the biggest Kate Spade fan and always thought her planners looked like the most beautiful things but I've just never felt like I would have used them before and as they are pricey I knew I didn't want to spend that money unless I was going to use it well.

For the last few months of last year I had started to hand make some DIY timetables for myself to keep track of all my blog stuff.  I had never done anything like that before as I just didn't feel like it would have helped me as I like to have a more free, less set schedule but it was honestly life changing (ok I'm dramatic but it was very handy haha).
I couldn't believe how more organised I felt and how much smoother things ran on my blog and life.  I loved having a more concrete plan of what my week ahead looked like and I enjoyed using the timetables so much.

I tend to get really overwhelmed when I feel like I have a lot of things to do and don't really know how I am going to achieve them all and seeing my schedule in front of me seemed to help me feel a loss less overwhelmed and freaked out by what I had to do.  I think I liked seeing it in black and white and it just helped me get my work done better and faster.

So realising I finally, after all these years had a need for a planner I thought now was my chance to snap up my dream Kate Spade one and here it is...

I know that there are more picture here of one planner than anyone would ever need in one blog post but honestly I love it so much and just think it's the prettiest thing that I couldn't help myself.

It is so perfect. It has the timetable section before each month starts that I find so helpful, it then has each day of the week and a large paragraph sized space underneath it to go into more detail about your plans or events.  It also has a notes and celebration page and it's a 17 month planner so it has some dates for 2017 too which can be quite helpful.

I think everything about Kate Spade designs are luxurious.  The texture and feel of the paper is such high quality, the embossing on the front of the planner, everything is just made to such a high standard.  I also just love her colour palette.  It is so my taste and matches my room perfectly.

I am so happy with this planner, its not an exaggeration to say I have wanted one for years, and I am so glad I wasn't disappointed with it.

Are you fans of planners? I love looking at everyone's new planners and stationery at the start of the year so please do send me your posts if you've posted about yours as I would love to have a peek.

You can buy the Kate Spade planner from John Lewis and it's £30

I am so happy to be back blogging after a little Christmas break and I can't wait to show you all the fun and exciting new features that I have planned for my blog this year, so keep an eye out for them too....

P.s Do you like my new header? I really love it and thought it would be fun to give my blog a mini makeover for the New Year, I'm super happy with it!