The Outfit Post

Jacket - Topshop (from years ago) But I found THIS and THIS which are both super similar 
Black hoodie - George at Asda
Grey V-neck tee - ASOS
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Converse

A few weeks ago I was watching the movie Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List on Netflix (You can have a peek of the trailer HERE.)  I had read the book years and years ago and loved it so much so I couldn't wait to watch the movie and I completely fell in love with it.  I won't talk about it too much here as it's going to feature in another post that I've got lined up on my blog really soon but if you loved the book I think you'll really love the film. 
Anyway what is the link between the film and this post I hear you cry? Well Victoria Justice plays the main lead in the film and her wardrobe is on point and after watching it I just wanted to go and raid my closet and play dress up as I felt so inspired by all her outfits.  They were so simple and wearable but all had a kinda New York 90's grunge edge which always inspires me, so this outfit here is my little homage to one of Naomi's outfits in the film. 
Nothing crazy fancy but just a little twist on the way I normally pair this jacket to add a oversized, grungy, undone look and I made my make up a little different to match too.

I got this jacket from Topshop years ago but it is one of my all time favourites.  I wear it all through the year, like this in winter all layered up and then in summer with little dresses and bare legs, I just think its so versatile.
Topshop nearly always bring out a version of it every year, so I've linked to a couple on their site that are really like this one.  I sized up to get that oversized, baggy feel.

Also I just feel like I don't wear hoodie's enough anymore, you know what I mean?  In the whole Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie era I was never out of my velour tracksuit with my hoodies on and you know what, I was comfy like 24/7 so this year instead of doing the whole what will I phase out in January thing that everyone does, I'm phasing in hoodies and matching tracksuits haha! So they aren't going to be in velour but I really want to up my leisurewear game, so I started with this hoodie and matching bottoms (I'm not wearing them  both here, I keep my matching tracksuit-ness to indoor only viewing at the moment) but I got them from George at Asda and it's so comfy, you can still buy them and they are really great prices.  It's funny though me and my mum have just worked our way through every season of Pretty Little Liars which we started last year and we are finally up to date now and as soon as I put it on she was like 'oh my god, it's A' haha! So funny, it is all I can think of though when I wear a black hoodie.
Did you guys watch the new ep of Pretty Little Liars, last week? What did you think?

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday so far and are enjoying the snow if you have any left...

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Shannon P said...

I love your jacket :)