Warm Socks

Ah, is there anything better than curling up with big fluffy, warm socks, a big cozy blanket and a Christmas movie at this time of year. 
Well that is what I'm currently doing right now and I am so excited for Christmas tomorrow, I literally can't wait!

I just wanted to do a quick last minute post to show you guys some new socks that I got sent and have been wearing none stop the past few weeks.
I always have cold feet, it doesn't matter if its warm or cold outside I will always just have cold feet, especially my toes for some reason...
My mama bought me a lovely pair of sheepskin slippers a little while ago that do the job of keeping my feet warm most of the time but when I tried these socks I fell in love with them straight away and I've not had my slippers on since!

They are from a brand called Heat Holders that sell a ton of different thermal products and these are thermal socks.
They have these really crazy lining in them that I've never seen before, I turned them down in the first photo so you could see what its like, its a type of wool blend and its honestly the funniest thing because the minute your feet are in the socks they are so soft and warm within minutes, its like magic, kinda haha!

The socks also have little rubber grippers on the sole of the foot so you don't slide or slip around the house which is helpful as well.

They are the perfect length to wear with a little pair of shorts like I've got on in the picture and then cozy up in a blanket or wear them under some sweatpants and they will keep you really warm too!

I think these are so perfect for the super cold weather we are having at the moment and I know that I will get so much use out of them in the next few months too.

You can buy them HERE for £6.99 (They come in loads of different colours too) and follow the brand on Twitter as they always have fab giveaways going on over there.