Slogan Sweater

Sweater - H&M
Jeans - New Look
Scarf - H&M (This was from last year, but THIS one looks pretty similar and is the exact shade and price mines was last year too)
Shoes - Nelly

Ah as soon as I saw this sweater in the H&M catalogue I fell in love with it.  It is just so lovely and soft.  I really don't like 'slogan' things unless they are like this, really simple and plain and I just loved the whole 'Very Bien' thing, I thought it looked so cute with the navy colour too.

I thought this sweater would be made with a jersey type material, you know what most of H&M's sweaters are made from but its not, its really hard to describe what the material is but I've never bought anything made from it before.  Its really pretty light and thin and not jersey or fleece at all, its sort of a really thin-ribbed knit that's really stretchy.  Ok, so not the best description haha but its really great having a sweater that's not thick and bulky, it means you can layer a tee under it or get your coat on and not feel like the hulk too.
This will be amazing for going into spring/summer next year too as it will not be too hot or heavy to wear, I want to try and buy more sweaters from them in this material, I really like it.

I got this scarf for Christmas last year and I still love it, its such a perfect colour and it just finishes off any outfit great I think.

I'm really loving H&M at the moment, I'm not gonna lie I'm normally an ASOS girl through and through but H&M have been pulling me in with all their awesome winter pieces.  Have you guys been loving H&M as much too?

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HazelxJoy said...

You can not beat a good navy sweater. It's sold out otherwise my husband would've been instructed to buy me one for Christmas.
The scarf is the perfect colour. I always head to H&M when I'm in my local town for a looky-see and generally I come home with something (or at the very least wanting something).