Pink Glitter Shoes


Guys, I bought pink, glittery shoes. I can't even cope with how beautiful they are....I'm obsessed by them!

I just had to do a super quick post to show you some photos of them in case you wanted to snap up a pair too!

I got them in the big ASOS sale that is on at the moment.  They are selling out super fast and I think there are only a few sizes left when I last checked but I'll put the link so you can hop over and have a peek of them too and hopefully be able to get the last few pairs.  They are super comfy because of the platform too.

I don't know if I've ever loved a pair of shoes so much in my life haha!

ASOS pink glitter plimsolls - £14


laura said...

Damn spending ban and damn having common sized feet, these are incredible! x