Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Review


I can't think of any other product that is talked about more on beauty/lifestyle blogs than the Elasticizer from Philip Kingsley.  I had read so many things about it over the years but it wasn't until I started watching the Philip Kingsley shows on QVC that I knew I needed it in my life.

As you know I am QVC's biggest fangirl (I'm waiting on them bringing out the QVC fangirl quiz so I can show off my knowledge, seriously you will want me on your team) and I just love watching their presentations from brands because you get to hear about the products straight from the people who make them and I love hearing all about their ideas and how to use them the way they envisaged.

A few months ago after watching like an hours show dedicated nearly fully to the elasticizer I convinced myself that I needed to try it.

I got a little travel size of it in the Body and Shine travel pack*, (you can read my review of the other two products from the pack HERE) and I couldn't wait to try it out.

To be honest as much as I was desperate to try this out after watching all the QVC shows and reading all the blog reviews about it too I still didn't really know if I needed it, you know?  I mean I wanted to try it but I didn't know if I had the type of hair that actually needed something like that.

I have super thick hair that is curly.  Its weird because as curly as it is its never been tangly at all (only when my hair was super blonde) its naturally a little drier at the ends of my hair because of the curl and can feel slightly course sometimes too.  I use a really deep conditioner though to keep the dryness at bay which seems to always work.
The people that I had heard getting the most out of the elasticizer were people with straight, fine or limp hair and that really isn't me.  I get my hair coloured brown all over and I still have light tips from where all the blonde is still growing out so I thought if anything it would keep my hair nice and healthy in between getting it coloured which is the only thing I thought it would really do for my hair but my gawd I was wrong.

I was so impressed, like really, really impressed by this. Impressed enough that I am trying to convince everyone I know that they need this in their life asap, it's crazy good and I honestly can't believe what my hair was like after I used it.

The mask is a pre-shampoo treatment. You dampen your hair slightly so that the product can really adhere to your hair and start getting to work.  I just put my hair under the sink for a second to get it a little wet then I took the elasticizer and put it from the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair and then kept it on for 20 mins in a snazzy shower cap.

You then shampoo it out your hair (I shampooed twice as I read this is the best thing to do to make sure you get it all out) then conditioned and showered like normal.
I always let my hair air dry naturally because that's what gives me my best curl and then I just waited till it dried to see the results.

At this point my hair felt exactly the same nothing different or unusual. I washed my hair pretty late, as it dried throughout the night and it was nearing bed time I had resigned myself that it was a nice enough product but just didn't work for me.

Then in the morning I woke up with this massive head of shiny (For any curly haired girls out there, you'll be thinking shine really, but yes I had shiny curls, who knew they existed, right?) curls.  My hair was massive and so beyond soft, you know when your so impressed by what your hair feels like you randomly just say to people, feel my hair? Well that's where I was at with the softness, the 'feel my hair stage'.
My curls definitely weren't as defined as normal, it was a looser but also bigger looking curl, I looked like I had slept with rollers in, that sort of look.  I loved it.
My hair stayed that way for days, so soft and big and curly and weirdly when I washed it again and didn't use the elasticizer I still felt that it was softer than usual, I don't know how long the elasticizer stays working in your hair but I felt a difference in my hair for so long after I used it.

I can't believe the difference it made to my hair. I would say I have healthy hair but even in hair like mine it still made such a noticeable improvement, my mum actually said she's never seen my hair look as soft and shiny ever.

I instantly became obsessed by it, declaring it my new favourite thing but the only thing is because I only had a travel size to try out and so much hair I've basically used the whole tube nearly in one go so I'm putting it straight to the top of my Christmas list and I'm going to get the big tube so I can start using it regularly.

A few things I would say though is....
-I never put it on my roots as I'd seen a few bits and bobs saying it could weigh your hair down and its best to put it on mid-lengths to ends but then I saw the PK lady on QVC talking after I'd used it and she said if you have thick or curly hair you could/should use it on the roots and I think that's what I would definitely do the next time as I think it would really help my curl too.
- I only kept it on for the minimum 20 mins as it was my first time using it but you can keep it on for as long as overnight if you feel like your hair needs it and I think my hair is thick enough that I could have maybe left it on for a good hour or so and I think that's what i'll try next time.
- It definitely softened my curl but I really didn't mind that.  I love when my curl looks a bit different for a change and I love that I can now wear it like that too but keep that in mind if you have curly hair, it might change your curl slightly or make it a bit looser and softer for a few days.

So, there is another glowing review of the elasticizer to add to the hundreds out there, but I couldn't help the gushing that is just how much I loved it.  I rarely use anything new on my hair or switch up my hair routine as my hair is so fussy with products and one wrong shampoo or treatment and I literally resemble humidity-hair-Monica, so it was a big deal for me to try this and I'm so happy I did.
So, thank you Mr Kingsley for making a really awesome product!

You can buy the Elasticizer in the travel kit I mentioned HERE for £6 or on its own for £16 HERE