Pebli Town Game Review

"Introducing Pebli Town, the innovative, fun and educational toy which fuses physical and virtual play. Meet Fireman Freddie, Painter Poppy, Doctor Daisy and Chef Charlie and discover everything Pebli Town has to offer. Pebli Town is a connected pre-school toy from Toys Alive. It uses fun traditional play pieces and a physical play board that interact with a tablet to bring the toy to life. With four exciting interactive game modes; Story Teller, Games, Story Creator and Video Room, Pebli Town is designed to help develop children's problem solving skills, hand eye coordination, creativity, imagination, vocabulary and much more."

Ah I am so excited to show you guys this.  This toy was meant to be part of my gift guide week that I did on my blog a few weeks ago but it didn't arrive in time to be part of it.
I thought this would have made a great addition to my guide as its such a fun game and I know so many children have it on their Christmas lists already!

I've put the little description of the game at the top to give you the lowdown on what the brand say about it.  Basically its to encourage children who love to be on their tablets and ipads all day to incorporate a board game into their tablet usage so that they aren't actually glued to the screen.
I think it's such a fab idea and it lets them have the advance technology that they are used to from the tablets but also makes them get down on the floor and actually interact with the real life characters and it means you can play the game with them rather them doing it all themselves too.

The game has 4 modes of play which are-
Story Teller – By Moving the Pebli characters around the board, your child will choose how the adventures of Pebli Town evolve whilst their character selection determines how the story ends.
Game Player – Challenge and entertain your children with 4 fun and engaging Pebli games.
Story Creator – Children can choose their favourite characters, record their own voice, add special effects and direct stories. Then watch their creations back in the Pebli cinema.     
Video Room – Your children will learn all about the Pebli people and what they do with educational and entertaining pre-approved videos.
There really is so much content available with the game and their are so many different games that the children can use so it would be perfect for over the festive season as it will really keep them really entertained.
The box comes with the game board which has special technology that hooks up the real life characters which also come in the box to their virtual self, so if one of the characters do something on the board they will automatically do the same on the screen, its actually really cool and for children who haven't used this type of game before it blows their minds a bit.
The game says on the box that its for 36months to 6 years old.  I have a ton of nephews and a niece who are all between those ages and I know the younger boys will definitely just fall in love with playing this straight away but I also think my niece who is 6 will really enjoy so many of the games on it too.
You can find out if your tablet is compatible with the game by going HERE to check.
I really loved trying this out and its a really lovely well made game that I think would make the perfect last-minute gift.
Pebli Town* - Amazon £40.83