Label.m Fashion Fix kit - The Bardot Beehive

Guys, I've got a new camera and I could squeal with excitement.
Finally photos that aren't blurry and are clear.  I got a new Canon, my very first DSLR, so I'm beyond excited to start using it and actually working out how to use it too, haha!

These are the first photos that I've taken with it and I know they aren't perfect and these wintry/rainy/snowy Scottish days are pretty tough on the lighting but overall I'm much more pleased with them.

I'm basically going to spend the next few weeks googling tutorials on Youtube trying to figure out how to work the camera properly but I am so happy to finally have a new camera as my old one was really holding me back from being able to produce more content for my blog and I have so many fun ideas that I can now do for posts with this new one, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you read my gift guides from last week you will have seen my review of the Label.m Fashion Fix hair kit, well I wanted do a follow up post to show you exactly what you got in the kit and what kind of look you can create with it.

So this is my version of  the Bardot Beehive from the kit.  I love a beehive but I wear a beehive in more of a voluminous messy ponytail way rather than a Winehouse beehive type thing. 
That's why I love this kit so much as it gives you the tools and the instructions and then you can just go ahead and create a version of the style that suits you best.

I love super messy, effortless looking hair that looks like you've just thrown it up and half of it is falling out already, you know what I mean?  Very boho, beachy type feel.  I think it's because my hair is curly and its naturally quite messy and undone looking which I've always liked.

For this look I washed my hair, and sprayed some of the volume mousse from the kit in it before I blow dried it straight, oh my, this is basically #hairgoals in a can.  It gives you so much volume, from the root to the ends, its super light, not sticky and my gosh the smell is divine, it smells like you've just been to the hairdressers, you know that really professional salon smell that I actually don't know what it is but everyone always comes out of the hairdressers and is like 'smell my hair' haha

Then I sprayed some of the texture spray onto my roots which is a mix of a dry shampoo and a hairspray, this gives even more volume but just to your roots, i then scrapped my hair into a pony, leaving the top section loose.  I was going to backcomb it but to be honest when you rub your hair after using the texture spray, it kinda just keeps growing in size so I didn't need to backcomb it and I pushed it up to create a small lift and started to pin bits into the top of my pony and this is the look it created.  A voluminous beehive-ish ponytail is what I would call it.

I love how messy it is and because the pony is low rather than high I think it's really wearable for during the day too.

I added the black polo neck/roll neck because I like a themed look, I thought if I'm doing the beehive then I might as well go all in and hit up the roll neck and rock the cat eye too, I'm always ready for a theme, haha!

I hope you like this look and honestly its so amazingly easy to recreate with this kit.  You can read the first post I wrote about it HERE and you can by the kit* HERE

Ooh and I have been featured in The Top 50 Fashion Bloggers list that Rebates Zone have just put out. They have made a fab graphic to go along with the list that lets you see who else is they have put on it.  There is a ton of awesome blogs on there, so if your looking to find some new reads check it out HERE.