Kate Spade Notepad


Can we just take a moment here to stare at the beauty of this notepad, I feel like I can hear harps playing in the background when I look at it.

Its a notepad,
It's gold,
It's rose gold,
It's pink,
It's from Kate Spade.

I know, right? It's just too much how beautiful it is.  I feel like that description is all I need to give you and then just leave the rest of this post blank because it sort of speaks for its self how amazing it is.

The thing is, if your not a stationery gal, you'll be like 'seriously, your talking about a notepad' but if your like me and your obsessed by stationery then I know you will totally get it.
If your not a member of the stationery lover fan club like me (um, why is that not an actually real thing by the way, ah we could have badges and everything) then you won't know how big a deal Kate Spade is in our world, she is basically maker of the dreams.  Her stationery and office wear line is just beautiful, everything is acrylic or pink or gold or rose gold and its just stunning.
My dream is to have her whole range, its just such luxe stationery.

This notepad is beautiful, the paper is off white, with pink, gold and rose gold accents.  The paper is trimmed with gold so when you pull a piece off of the pad its still got the gold at the edges, its such thick luxury paper too and is perfect to scribble all your notes or lists on or even write some of your favourite quotes and words on and you can dot them around your house.

The one draw back to Kate Spade is everything she sells is pretty pricey but that seems to not be the case here as this notepad is only £9 which makes it the most perfect gift.

If your looking for a last minute stocking filler or little extra for someone for Christmas then this would be amazing especially if they love stationery because I promise you they will just adore this little cute pad!

The awesome website AskHerFriends is where this little beauty is from.  The site is so much fun and such a great idea.  Its set up by a guy who wasn't very good at buying gifts especially for his girlfriend (he bought her a worm farm!) so he set up this website as a helping hand for people who want to get someone something really special but don't really have a clue what to buy.

Its great as the site sells so many different things and it has different sections and questions that you can answer that helps them come up with a present that might work for whoever your buying for.  I love going on it to just even browse and get ideas for gifts too as they sell so much, you can always normally find something your looking for on there that would suit even if you don't want to fill out the questions you can still just buy from the site as it's also an online store.

I think its great especially for getting those last minute presents for Christmas as you can put a price limit on your search too and it will come up with a ton of really lovely, thoughtful gift ideas that you can buy.

I'm a big fan of the site and an even bigger fan of it now that I know it sells Kate Spade (The KS yearly planner is next on my wishlist) I just love supporting independent stores at this time of the year too as you always find something that little bit more unique.

Have a peek at AskHerFriends
Kate Spade notepad* - £9