Gift Guide Week - Day #5

Welcome to Day 5 of my Gift Guide Week, the 5th and final day...
Today is all about Fake Tan...

Say hello to my new favourite product - Madame LA LA fake Tan.  As you know this summer I made it my top priority to find myself a fake tan, I wanted to find one that I could wear all through the year, that was a super natural colour on my pale skin for everyday wear but could get darker if I layered it, and one that was easy to apply too.  I have tried so many this year, some that I've  loved I have featured on my blog and others that I didn't really like I haven't bothered to talk about as they just didn't work for me.  I fell in love with the James Reed tan earlier in the year and I still really love that one but the only thing is the spray application is a bit of a faff for me personally but it gives a really lovely, lovely colour and I honestly thought that would be my must-have tan product of the year by far but it has just been pipped to the post by this awesome-ness in a bottle.

I had never heard of this tan before I tried it but it's called Madame LA LA and comes in two colours light or normal (which I imagine is the darker one) the bottles are massive they are 200ml and are both a mousse formula.
The brand was created by Nicole Dash Jones, who lived in LA until she was 12 and now lives between there and London, she came up with the idea to create a self-tanner based on the LA look rather than the European tan shade most other fake tans are based on.  You know everyone in LA looks just really glowy and healthy well that's what you get with this tan and then you can layer it on for a more intense holiday tan too.

The tan is also the first ever DD tanner (Dynamic-do it all) kinda in the same vein as the BB and CC creams, its one product that does more than one thing, here is the list of what it says it can do-
- Blurs blemishes and wrinkles
-Anti- ageing
- Colour corrects to your skin tones natural tan colour
-Be streak free
-Last for up to 10 days

Now, I'm the first one to be all 'really, one thing can not do all those things' because I really don't think many products can stretch themselves that far but honestly apart from the anti-wrinkle statement (I thankfully can't test that one out, yet) I have to say it has lived up to every single thing it say it will do.  Which makes me so happy, as like I said not many products can do that.

It's weird actually my skin feels so soft when its on, like crazy moisturised soft and I have the driest skin right now so that isn't an easy thing to achieve. Because I have such pale skin, when I get little spots or blemishes on my skin they tend to stay red and noticeable for a while or even leave a wee mark but this has covered them all, it does sort of blur your skin like it says, it makes my skin look smoother on the surface and gives it an overall softer look.
I must admit I am really happily surprised with the skincare element of this tan as I think it really has improved the overall appearance in my skin which you don't really expect from a tanner but Nicole has previously worked for big skincare brands so I guess that is how she has managed to infuse it into the tan.

As you know if you look at any of the past pictures on my blog I am pale, super pale.  I wear a factor 50 sun-cream and am really freckly too, so even in the sun I only go a little golden rather than have a full on tan which is why I set it as my mission this year to find a tan that looked good on my skin so I could feel like I have a real tan even when I don't. 
The colour of the tan I have is 'light' and it comes out that dark brown colour of mousse when you put it on the skin but straight away when you rub it in it goes a lovely golden colour rather than that muddy shade you get from other tans.  The tan takes 3 hours to develop and then you have to wait 10 hours from when you put the tan on before you can shower, so its perfect to put on before bed and then shower when you wake up.

It dries in seconds, I actually found myself having to rub it in really fast as it dries that quickly which is never a bad thing.  I actually thought this colour looked so light when it started to dry that it wouldn't show on my skin, because I'm so pale some of the light colours just melt into my skin and disappear but after the 3 hours it looked like such a beautiful 'tan' shade and then the next day after I washed and showered it has turned into this beautiful colour, its light and really, really natural.  Its not orange but its actually not really brown based either, it just looks like a true golden shade.
It was beyond easy to apply, the easiest one I have ever applied as there was not 1 streak, seriously completely streak free when it was drying and even after I washed.

As you know if you've read my blog before I have the most sensitive skin and have taken a lot of reactions to different skin products so I was a little anxious to try this but my skin has just loved it and I haven't taken any kind of reaction so if you've got sensitive skin I would give this a shot (always patch test before you use a new tan though).

Ooh and I forgot to tell you all about the smell. It's crazy, the smell is beautiful.  Can you believe I'm describing a fake tan smell as beautiful, haha! It smells like coconuts, such an amazing lovely scent from it and I didn't get a hint of that fake tan biscuit smell until around the 3 hour mark and I smelt a faint whiff of it but nothing like normal fake tan smell which I was so happy about.

I can't tell you how beautiful the shade of this tan is, it is honestly so realistic looking and lasts for so long without fading too.  I am going to try two layers the next time and i'll show you what the colour looks like then too.  To be honest though I am going to just wear this constantly I've decided, haha.  Its that pretty and the one coat is just perfect for everyday wear and I'm so happy with how my skin looks wearing it too. 

I hope you can see the colour clearly in the picture above (I'm so sorry for how dark the pictures are, you know I took this at 10.30 in the moring, that's just how dark it is here at the moment) but the fab news is I've got a big, brand new camera so I'm going to take some new pictures of me wearing the tan for next week and you can see it better in those pictures too.

I honestly think this would be an amazing gift for anyone who wants to try tan for the first time or anyone who is a fake tan lover will thank you so much for this product.

They also have a 'West Cost' face bronzing serum which I am desperate to have in my life, I can't even imagine how good that will be so if your looking for a face tanner you can try that out too.

Oh and also I forgot to tell you some of Madame LA LA's biggest fans are Rihanna, Olivia Palmero, Blake Liveley, Vanessa Hudgens and a ton more A-listers. So if my review didn't sway you maybe their beautiful tanned limbs will, haha!

I hope so much that you have enjoyed my gift guide week and that you have found some special presents for all the awesome people in your life too...

You can buy the fake tan on Madame LA LA * for £36, you can also buy it from the usual places like Look Fanastic etc, so look out for all the money off codes that are going around just now and you might be able to get a bit of a discount off of it from there.