Gift Guide Week - Day #4


Welcome to Day Four of my Gift Guide Week...
Today is all about hair.
I'm not gonna lie, I really do think this is an awesome Christmas present and stocking filler for so many people but seriously, I kinda feel like you will want one of these for yourself in the run up to Christmas too, its that good.

Label.m have released these Fashion Fix gift sets.  This one is the Bardot Beehive and the other option you can buy is the Nouveau Knot, which is basically a really undone low bun that looks very chic but still effortless looking.

These kits were inspired by the in salon service Label.m do called fashion fix where their hairdressers will recreate a look for you for going out rather than just getting the normal blow-dry type thing.
So they wanted you to be able to re-create these salon looks at home and have come up with these crazy cool kits.
Basically the kit comes with everything you need, seriously everything. Which for me is the biggest thing, don't you just hate when you buy something to re-create a look and the box is like 'yeah, here's the brush but the 45 other things you need to create the look on the box are sold separately' well this isn't like that at all and sets you up with everything you'll need.

I really couldn't believe how much stuff you get in this kit for the price because Label.m products are pretty pricey on their own (their hairspray is my favourite hairspray I have ever used, you get a mahoosive spray bottle of it but its £10) so I was shocked at how much is included in this kit.
You get as follows (all full size, no minis or samples here)
- Label.m volume mousse
-Label.m texturising volume spray
-Label.m session hair up brush (basically an awesome backcombing brush)
-Label.m u-pin straight black 50mm (Black hair pins)
- Label.m Kirby Grip straight black 70mm (Black Kirby grips)
- Label.m no pull braiding bands in black (black hair bobbles/bands)

Also just to point out, the pins, Kirby's and bands are all big full sized packs with them in it, they don't just give you 5 of each or something, haha!
Can you believe you get all that in the gift set?  I was so impressed by this.

The instructions are super simple and come on the back of the box, there is honestly like 3 steps each with a few lines of description, if your not the best at following hair instructions like that, give it a google and you will find thousands of tutorials on Youtube showing you how to create a similar look because at the end of the day you have all the products to create the look by buying this kit, so if you follow the instructions on the box, look at the picture on the front of it or google it, it doesn't really matter because you will have everything you need to  get the look.

I personally found the instructions really helpful and easy to follow.  I am a bit obsessed by this look and kit, my mum and sister have both already asked me to do this in their hair for Christmas so the 3 of us are going to look like some weird Scottish version of a 1960's girlband, haha!

I have always wanted to wear my hair in this style but I didn't have any of the products to re-create it apart from hairspray and I didn't want to go to the hassle of buying sprays and brushes just to create one look as I knew it would be expensive which it was when I priced it before but being able to get it all in this kit for such an amazing price I was ecstatic.

Also I really am such a fan of Label.m and their products.  I have super thick, curly hair which can be pretty hard to tame into a style because there is so much of it but when I've used Label.m products they have always worked, I think because they are for in salon use they seem just stronger and you get a great product for what you buy in my experience anyway!

I am officially in love with this kit, so much so that I am sort of splitting this post into two.  The second part of this one where I'm actually wearing my hair like this will be coming to my blog next week so keep an eye out, I wanted to post about the look in it's own post so you could see it all and I could explain how I achieved it better.

I think this would make a perfect gift to anyone who loves doing their hair and maybe has big parties or events  coming up and wants to do their hair all fancy but can't go to the hairdressers and get it done, also I think this would just be a perfect thing to buy in the lead up to Christmas too.

Label.m Fashion Fix Kit* - HQHAIR £21.95 and they seem to have another offer on the site where you can get an extra 18% off the price by entering the code HURRY18 at the checkout