Gift Guide Week - Day #2

"Goldstruck: A Life Shaped by Jewellery sets luxurious imagery of a lifetime s work alongside an honest and often comic autobiographical account of his career in the jewellery world. The book is a lavish collation of Stephen s personal and professional life, encompassing material such as photography by Rankin and Amelia Troubridge documenting his fourteen coveted collections, intricate sketches and designs that convey a fascinating creative process and archival imagery including magazine editorials, advertising campaigns and intimate photography from Stephen s personal collection. Alongside such visual opulence and a foreword by Tracey Emin and a host of candid and personal recollections from luminaries from the worlds of art, entertainment and fashion, Stephen charts his career from the first steps of enrollment upon a jewellery-making course at his local college in Rochester, Kent, to his rise to international recognition. Along the way he regales the reader with tales and anecdotes that cast a personal and visually decadent insight into the inspirations and influences behind a life shaped by jewellery"

Welcome to Day Two of my gift guide week...
So today I have something super special to show you.  If you've been reading my blog for a little while you will know how much I love books, but  how much I love a coffee table book especially, and this one right here might be my most beautiful one yet.

I am such a massive fan of Stephen Webster and his beautiful jewellery creations, not that I own any as they are definitely way out of my price range but that doesn't stop them being on the top of my wish-list.  If your not familiar with Stephen, I'm pretty sure that you will have seen his jewellery adorning some of your favourite celebs as he really is one of the most sought after jewellery designers in the world. 

When I heard Stephen was releasing a book I expected it to be either a normal biography of his life or a solely picture book of his work but I was not expecting this beauty to arrive which is an equal mix of both.  The first half of the book is all about him as a person and his story and then the second part is all about his work, the stories behind some of his pieces and the most beautiful images of some of his collections.  The book is massive there is no way for me to really convey how big it is in these pictures, I have tried but honestly its so heavy that the postman was like ' I am so glad your in as I couldn't carry this around for the rest of the day' haha!
It is the heaviest, biggest book I own, the paper is so thick and shiny and it just feels like such a luxury item, it really is just such a stunning piece of art.

I have only had this book a few weeks and everyone who has seen it sitting in my room has been like 'ooh what is this' and just went straight ahead and opened it up and starting looking at all the pictures, it's that kind of book, people want to touch it and open it and read it and to me that is a perfect coffee table book, one that people will come into your house and just start browsing through it.

Stephen's story in the book is really eye-opening and inspiring too, I didn't know anything about his life before I read it and it was just so interesting to find out more and if you love fashion then you will just devour all his stories.

This really would make such a perfect special gift for someone.  It's something that you will keep forever and will always dip in and out of as its just so beautiful.
It is expensive but to be honest I don't know how you would be able to make a book of this huge size and style and not have a price tag like that, and you really are getting such a piece of luxury for your money so I would really recommend buying this for that person in your life that you just don't know what to get them but you want it to be different and really unique, well I think this fits the bill perfectly.  Also anyone who loves Stephen's work will just fall head over heels for this stunning book.

I have been so excited to share this book with you guys and I really hope you love it as much as I do.

Stephen Webster - Goldstruck* - Amazon £40

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