Book Review - What Happens At Christmas


"When career-girl Holly Brice learns that her estranged father has died, she decides to take a trip down memory lane and find out about the man she never knew.
Arriving in the sleepy little Dartmoor village, she’s shocked to discover that she’s inherited the cosy little cottage she remembers so fondly, a whole load of money – and her father’s adorable dog, too!
And as the first snowflakes begin to fall and Holly bumps into her gorgeous neighbour, Jack Nelson, life gets even more complicated! Men have always been off the cards for high-flying Holly, but there’s something about mysterious writer Jack that has her re-thinking her three-date rule…"

Ah I loved this book.  Its such a perfect Christmas story to get you in the festive mood, it is such a feel-good story.

I read this over a couple of days a few weeks ago.  I had managed to catch a cold, I was feeling so yuck and it was one of those days where you wake up and its already super dark outside and it rained the whole day, like non-stop. 
So I decided to put on some Vicks and crack open a Christmas book and I'm so glad I chose this one as I couldn't stop reading it and within a couple of days not only was my cold gone (um..the miracle of books ??) but I had also finished the book and couldn't wait to share it with you all.

This was such a wonderful read, to be honest it had a lot more story to it than an average Christmas book which made me love it even more.  Holly's story was really captivating and I felt such a connection to the character, it was really lovely reading about her past and how she was connecting all the dots between her then and now.

This book is the perfect accessory to a cold, wintry night, a big blanket and a warm cup of tea.(beverage choice is optional..)

I really can't recommend this book enough, especially in the run up to Christmas day as its just the perfect time to read it.

What Happens At Christmas by T. A. Williams* £2.99 on Amazon Kindle