Sunday Show and Tell

Hey beautiful people,
How are you all today? I hope you are all well after the events that have happened around the world in the last few days.
I'm not going to write too much today but instead leave you with Rory's words above as I think they are pretty on point for how everyone's feeling, right?
I hope you enjoy my favourite links from the week, let me know which are your faves.
Have a wonderful Sunday

1.  The 'Daria' Generation.  Who else remembers Saturdays being all about watching Daria? I loved Daria, she made me laugh so much and I'm pretty sure that theme song has got to be one of the best, right? 

2.  As I'm writing this I'm waiting for the ATP Finals to start on BBC2.  I always find this one a little weird to watch I think it's because its in the O2 or something and the atmosphere seems a bit strange for a Tennis match but I am still so excited that its about to start, I feel like its been months since some tennis was in my life again, I'm such a fangirl!  I loved this article from Jamie Murray about him and Andy, it's a great read if your a big Tennis fan too.

3.  I love this new sweatshirt.  It's called the '30 year sweatshirt' and the whole idea behind it is to go against the trend of 'fast fashion'.  Its a handmade sweater designed to last you 30 years.  It's about investing in good quality, well made fashion that will last you rather than buying cheaper less quality pieces that will only last a few months.  10% of profits made from every purchase will also be going to charity.  I must admit when I get a piece of clothing I love I am a total hoarder of it anyway so I love the idea of clothes lasting longer.  You can buy the sweater for £55 with free shipping to the US and the UK.  I haven't tried one for myself yet so I can't comment on the quality but it looks like it would feel so snugly and lovely.  You can check it out HERE 

4.  LOVE this '23 things I wished I had known at 23. 

5.  Also in love with  this story. Such a kind, beautiful thing to do.

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