Songs That May or May Not Change Your Life


I just got done watching the documentary 'Austin to Boston' on Netflix and I fell in so much love with it, I feel like I just want to watch it over and over on a loop.

I came away from the movie just feeling so inspired and happy about all these amazing people who make music just because they love it, no other reason.  I also found a ton of new music to listen to as everyone in the movie is just crazy talented.

One of my favourites is this guy, his voice is just something else.  A perfect song for a rainy day like this.

Enjoy and please, please watch the movie if you have Netflix and let me know what you think....


Hipster Bitch said...

Hey E, I love Nathaniel Rateliff. I saw him live in London last year and his voice blew my knee high socks right off. Love you and your taste. Stay classy, HB.

* Helen * said...

Lovely post and lovely songs, thanks for sharing! :)

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