I am so in love with Kimono's.  They are my favourite thing to wear all through the year. 
In summer they are a perfect cover-ups over little tee's and in winter they are perfect for putting over polo-necks and jumpers or my favourite thing is to even wear one as loungewear instead of wearing like a housecoat/robe thing.

I just think they evoke a sort of old time glamour, or this one does to me at least.
I own so many, I have them all for different things though, some are light, some are heavy some are patterned or plain.
This is one of my favourites though, I watched a film with Barbra Streisand in it years ago and she's putting her makeup on and she is wearing something super similar to this, she then just wears it around her house and I remember thinking to myself, 'how beyond chic, I have to have one like that'
So I started my search and I came across this one on Etsy, I fell in love with it straight away, its long and velvety and has fringes I mean, really is there anything more you could ask for in a kimono haha!

I must admit its pretty funny because I'm so small and this is long but its only the fringe length on it that makes it really long on me and over the years of wearing this I have gotten my fringes trapped in doors, drawers, I've tripped myself up, got people's arms and legs tangled up in my tassells, but honestly I just love it so much, I really don't think it would be a problem for anyone else if they were just a little bit taller than me.

I got this a good few years ago on Etsy but the shop is still open and selling so many beautiful pieces.  If your looking for a super reasonably priced handmade Kimono then I couldn't recommend the store enough.

Have a look at the store HERE and I'm pretty sure this is my same Kimono (looks like it might be a slightly different shade) HERE for £34.99