Gift Guide Week - Day #1

Welcome to my first official Christmas Gift Guide of 2015
Every year I always try and do something a little bit different with my guides as I know every blogger is doing their's at the moment and its nice to see different variations.
There are so many awesome ones I've seen on blogs already, so many fab gift ideas so I can't wait to show you mine too.
So this year I'm going to be doing a post every single day till Friday, each day will feature one product that I have fallen in love with and think you will too.  The reason why I am only doing one product is because then I can review it and really tell you more about it than I could if I was featuring a few in every post.
I have picked things to feature that are mostly super affordable and one or two that are perfect for really special gifts.
I also have tried to pick things that cover a wide age range, most of the gifts I'm featuring can be given to most ages.
I am so excited to share these guides with you, I'm so happy with all the products and I really, really do hope you all like them and find a gift that you want to give someone or even buy as treat for yourself,
so without further ado,
Welcome to Gift Guide #1....
I was so excited when I heard about this CD, I remember being wee and my sister bought the official Disney soundtrack that has all the songs from the movies on it, and I literally listened to it on a loop for weeks and even now, its still on my ipod and it makes me smile every time one of the songs come on when I shuffle it.
I think Disney has such a big place in most people's hearts, the characters, stories but also the music plays such a big role.  Let's be honest, we all know every word to the songs, right?
So when I heard that Disney were bringing out this new album I couldn't wait to hear it.
'We Love Disney' has brought together 15 different artists to cover Disney's most famous songs.  They have let the singers and musicians put their own twist on the songs and rather than sounding like musical theatre tracks or copies of the originals they sound like fully blown pop songs, a few of them I was actually like ' this is not the same song' until it came to the chorus.
I love, love, love Disney music and I think that this is such an amazing idea, getting musicians to twist the songs and make them their own.  Because lets be honest if you wanted to listen to the original you would just listen to the original not someone covering the original version that's why I think this works so well because its like your listening to a different song.
There are so many people you'll know and love who feature on this album, everyone from Jason Derulo, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, Jessie Ware, Fall Out Boy and many more.
I have to tell you though, I love so many of the tracks on the album, they really are such beautiful versions but the one that I am obsessed by is Rascal Flatts (who I LOVE) and Lucy Hale (aka Aria from PLL) covering let it go, its this sort of pop/country mash up type thing that my dreams are made of, its basically life.  If your a fan of the song, your basically going to spend now until New Year listening to it.
You can click HERE to see what songs are on the album and if you click on them you can hear a snippet of each track.
I think this would make the most perfect gift or stocking filler for so many people in your life, or if I'm being honest, also yourself, its that good, you need a copy!
(oh quick tip on that, if you buy a physical CD version of this on Amazon they give you a free MP3 download of the album for yourself too, so its a kinda cool way of buying this as a gift for someone and getting a sneaky copy for yourself too, haha)
I have also added a little video below of behind the scenes of the recording of the album and also so you can hear some of the tracks.
We Love Disney Album* -  Amazon £9.99
I hope you liked Day one of my gift guides, come back tomorrow to have a peek of Day two....