Elegant Touch Christmas Nails

Elegant Touch Christmas Nails - ASOS - £6.99

Ahh how cute are these?
A few weeks ago ASOS had a sale on all their beauty items and I spotted these and couldn't resist trying them.
I wanted a pair of fun Christmas nails last year but by the time I got round to buying them they were all sold out so when I saw these Limited Edition one's I knew I had to snap them up.

It's so funny as I haven't worn false/fake nails in so long.  When I was at school I used to wear glue on ones constantly and had the applying of them down to a fine art but because I wore them for so long I got kinda bored and got more into just painting my nails but it was fun having a go at putting some on again with these.

You get enough nails to do 2 full sets out of them (four hands).  They come with the nail tabs to stick them on with, no glue and are the perfect length, seriously I didn't have to do anything to them, no filling the top or the sides or shaping them, they were just amazing.

When I used to wear false nails all the time it was always Elegant Touch I used to wear as I honestly have never tried a better brand for nails, the nails are sturdy and come in so many different shapes and sizes that you will definitely find something that fits.

What I will say though is in the past I always, always put my false nails on with the elegant touch nail glue, the one in the little bottle.  It was amazing, stayed on for weeks and when you decided to take your nails off my nails were never damaged by the glue at all.  I would never have used the glue nail tabs in the past as I just didn't think they ever worked but I used them this time as these were only for 'fun wear' and I didn't want to keep them on longer than a day, so I wanted them on and off quick and easily.

The pack says the nail tabs can last up to a week but by the end of the day a few of mines had flicked off, again this was totally fine for me and exactly what I was looking for, that they would be easing off by the end of the day as I didn't want them on any longer but I really fail to see how these tabs could last for up to a week on your nails, maybe I'm wrong though and they work longer for other people?
What I would say is if your wanted these to be more than just for 'a fun day look' then pick up some of the elegant touch nail glue with these and use that instead of the tabs that come in the pack and then the nails will last you so long.

Because you can pick the nails tabs off the back of the nails, I can keep reusing this design so I can't wait to put them on again for Christmas day, I am such a fan of them and I think they are just the cutest looking things.

Are you a fan of Christmas nails? Have you tried these, what did you think?

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