Black Friday Deals on Look Fantastic


Ah Black Friday, how exciting is today.
As you read this I will have probably been up since about half 6 in the morning trying my hardest to buy things that I don't even need just because they have a big sale sticker on them, I'm such a sucker for a sale and the anticipation with everything selling out on Black Friday just reels me right in to make me think I need just about everything on offer, haha!

But I have some super exciting news, as this year I have teamed up with Look Fantastic to celebrate all the awesome things they have going on today and over the whole of cyber weekend (which finishes on Monday).  They were super kind and sent me over a Look Fantastic Black Friday Beauty Box (woah, try saying that 10 times in a row).  Look Fantastic do a really fab beauty box subscription service which you can sign up to on their site and they sent some of us bloggers a one-off Black Friday edition, and it is amazing.  I may have squealed a little when I got it through the door.

This box was filled with all of the goodies you see above and every single one of them will be on offer today and the whole weekend (until stocks last obvz) I couldn't wait to have a wee try of everything in my box and I will have some reviews coming up soon of these products, so keep an eye out for that too.

Last year I ordered so much stuff from Look Fantastic on Black Friday as the deals they had were crazy good and they have somehow managed to go even one better this year.
The sell nearly every major brand to do with hair and beauty and they stock all my favourite products so it's such a treat to be able to make some savings on so many of my faves!

So without further ado here are some of the biggest deals on Look Fantastic today that will run all the way through until Monday.
A lot of the deals correspond to what was in my box so if you like the look of anything from it you can get it for a fab price....

1.  Tangle Teezer Purple Crush - £12 Look Fantastic
You can pick this Tangle Teezer up in the 3 for 2 on haircare products on Look Fantastic.
There are so many brands and products included in this like Kerastase, Pureology, Tigi, Label M and many more.

2.  Glam Glow Youth Mud Face Mask - £49.99
This mask will be included in the 3 for 2 across the whole of the Glam Glow range.  How amazing a gift would this make for someone, to pick up a few of these masks for Christmas presents.  My mama actually got my sister this exact mask last year and she loves it so much, they have so many different types of products to suit so many different skin types too. The link for the offer is HERE

3.  Eve Lom Cleanser - £55
Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser - £40
So Eve Lom products, how amazing and luxurious are they, right? This was my first experience using Eve Lom and it felt like the poshest skincare I had ever used, haha! I can't wait to put my reviews up for these two cleansers for you.  So if you looking to spoil yourself or someone else you  can buy the 450ml tub of cleanser which is usually £250 for £140 so you save a crazy £110, perfect for longtime lovers of this product too as you can stock up on this and probably not need to buy another one for about 15 years as the tub is so big haha! See the offer on Look Fantastic

4.  A Little Amazing Concealer - £19
Well, this is what is in the slim, small black box in the photos above.  This was a new product to me when I got it in my box and I didn't know what to think of it.  After doing some reading about it and some googling (Beyonce's Make up artist loves it, so I'm sold) and after having a go of it I am so beyond impressed, like seriously impressed.  This is honestly a little wonder tube. The tube is teeny tiny and your a bit like what you see the size but you need, and I'm not exaggerating here, a pinhead amount of this stuff for both of your under eyes, it goes such a long way and is so thick.  If you struggle with under eye darkness, discolouring and pigmentation under you eyes then I would give this a go.  I'm going to do a full in depth review of this for y'all as I was beyond impressed. Also for reference I got the Medium Beige shade to try and I thought there would be no way it would work for  my super pale, with pink undertones skin but its perfect.  Its not a highlighting concealer for  contouring so you want it to match your skin more and not be super light.
You can pick this concealer up in the 3 for 2 across on Look Fantastic HERE. Also included in this section of the sale are things like St Tropez tan, Rimmel, Eylure and tons more so you can really get stocking up for party/Christmas season in the section.

5.  La Roche-Posay Effaclar K Anti - Sebum 8hr - £14.50
This is a product from the French cult drugstore brand that has made its way over to our shores.  I know so many people who are obsessed by this brand as its so skincare focused so I can't wait to try this and some more from the range.
You can have a try of this and anything else you like from the brand in the 3 for 2 across the range that Look Fantastic have got on, shop the deal right HERE

6.  Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - £5.99
Ahh I have been wanting to try this sponge for the longest time, I think it looks amazing and I have heard nothing but good things about it, I can't wait to give this a try and I'll let you all know what I think.
And the most exciting news of all because I know basically everyone loves all the Real Technique brushes, is that you get 35% off the core collection from Real Techniques and you get 3 for 2 on everything else from them, so you will definitely be able to pick up a bargain HERE .

You can view all the offers in the Black Friday sale on Look Fantastic right now, hurry though as I think things will be selling out super fast!

Even more exciting is that on top of all these amazing discounts you can still get an extra 20% off some items, you can check which ones you can get the extra money off of HERE (Just a hint though there are like 121 pages of products so not many things aren't included so take a peek to make sure your not missing out on an extra 20% off).
The code that you need to get the 20% off is -

So basically I have to leave you now and go and spend all my money on make up and hair products....

Have a peek at all the offers and let me know if you manage to pick up some bargains I love hearing what everyone buys on Black Friday, leave me a comment or tweet me and let me know.

Oh and Look Fantastic have a whole lot going on over on their twitter, they have chats and updates about what's in the sale so keep an eye on whats going on over there using the hashtag #LFBLACKFRIDAY.

P.s This box of goodies was gifted to me from Look Fantastic and they told me about their Black Friday deals a little ahead of time but I was under no obligation to post and I'm not getting compensated for it.  I wanted to share the info about whats in the sale with you because I wanted to help anyone out who didn't want to trawl through every page of the site to find what they were looking for.  I did a similar post last year on a few brands and I wanted to focus on LF this year as like I said I spent a lot on it last year and I kinda thought a few of you might have as well and thought this post might help a few of you.  So I really hope it does!

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