Best Hand Cream Ever - Neutrogena

This has been one of my must-have beauty products for so many years and I just can't believe that I've never posted about it on my blog before.

I think hand creams are one of those super underrated products. I think it's because there are so many out there and a ton of them are pretty rubbish, right? So it makes you think why bother buying any if they only make your hands soft for a day or two and then they go back to being dry again.  Well that was my thinking anyway, I have used and tried so many different types of hand creams since I was wee as I've always suffered from such dry, flaky hands in the winter and because my skin is so sensitive some hand washes make my hands go even drier and I've always needed something to combat that so ever since I was little my mama has been slathering hand-creams on me to sort them out and then as I've gotten older I've been on the quest to find the perfect one and I'm pretty sure I've done it...

Say hello to my hand saviour - The Neutrogena Hand Cream.
I found it a few years ago now and I have went through tubes of the stuff, it's just so incredible.
It is really, really thick.  Like I mean you need under a 1p size amount of this stuff on your hands and it will keep them moisturised the whole day. 
It is so thick, creamy and kinda gel like when it first comes out the tube and when you start rubbing it in your like, 'great, I'm going to have greasy hands all day now' but then after you've rubbed it in fully and its completely disappeared on your hands there is no greasiness at all, like none, zero.  Its so weird, I have no idea how it works but its like it puts a really strong barrier of moisture on your hands and locks it in.

When it starts to get cold that's when my hands bother me and I crack this open, although I used up the last of my old tube in the summer because one of the hand washes in my house broke me out a little and I needed this to take away the dryness.
I got this new tube the other week (it has special winter packaging, so cute) and my hands are so silky smooth again, its just such a beautiful product.
Because you truly only need the teeniest amount (even on the most dry hands in the word) this whole tube will easily last me through the winter using it every day and I'll probably still have some left coming into spring next year.

Oh and the smell is so lovely, its not an actual scent because its unscented but its more like a freshness if you know what I mean.  It just smells light and like unscented moisturiser, I just detest hand creams with a strong scent.

This is perfect if you've got super dry hands or your hands get really dry and chapped during winter.  If you don't struggle with dryness or flaky skin on your hands and are just looking for a hand cream to keep your hands smooth I think this might be a little stronger than what your looking for as its so thick but maybe if you just use an even lesser amount it would work too as I know it will definitely keep your hands super smooth.

You can buy this anywhere that sells Neutrogena but you can buy it from Boots for £2.77 HERE which is the cheapest I can find it for!

Let me know if you love this too and if not what your favourite hand creams are?