The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist

My favourite smell in the whole wide world is Vanilla. 
My first memory of scents and perfumes is from when I was really little, maybe about 6 or 7.  My sisters, who are a lot older than me so were already teenagers at this point and really into fragrances, were going through a period of buying essential oils from The Body Shop and using them in those little oil burners that were super big in the 90's (maybe they still are? I have no idea I just don't see many of them around as much) and one day I caught a whiff of the most beautiful smell, I asked my sister what was in the oil burner and she told me it was something called vanilla, this was the first time I had ever heard of it.  When I was hanging around in their rooms (like all little sisters do, am I right?) I would always go and smell the vanilla oil, then one day I sort of decided I loved the smell so much that I would 'borrow' it off of them for a little while as I just felt like I needed my scent with me at all times and I put it in my handbag (which as a 6 year old I always carried around with me and my biggest fret was that I never had enough things in it, I wanted it packed but there was only so many crayons I could stuff in it so I felt like having my vanilla 'perfume' would make the most fabulous addition to my handbag) so I put it in my bag and went about my days, playing like normal.

But something about a glass bottle of essential oil and a 6 year old battering a handbag around as she played all day everyday doesn't mix well and one day when I went to check on my 'perfume' in my bag I found my whole bag drenched, every part of it was soaking but it smelled like the most amazing thing in the world.  The cap on the bottle had been worn loose with all my battering about and the whole of the oil had leaked in my bag.
It was like the best moment of my life though, not only did I have an amazing handbag but it also smelled of the most amazing thing in the world, I was beyond thrilled. 
It wasn't long though before everyone noticed something was up, as I flounced by with my Barbie in one hand, bag in the other everyone started to gag and was like where is that crazy intense vanilla coming from.. as I told everyone my great news about having the best smelling bag in the world, there were calls from my sisters to 'get it in the bin' but my mum was like if 'she likes the smell that much, she can keep it' and that my beautiful people is the story of how for the next 2 or 3 years I carried around the strongest smelling vanilla handbag the world had ever smelled, I may have cleared the streets when they smelled my bag coming but I was in love with the smell and from that day on vanilla has always been my favourite scent.

I tried for years to track down the same oil from the body shop but they changed the formulation but as fate would have it a few weeks ago I randomly came across this on The Body Shop's website and went straight out to buy it as It sounded just amazing, and oh my I was not disappointed.

If you too used to loved the vanilla scented products that The Body Shop used to make in the 90's then this is THE EXACT SMELL, yup its that amazing it needed capital letters.

It's a light mist that can be sprayed all over your body.  It's not as strong as a perfume but personally I feel the scent lasts on me longer than most of my perfumes.  Its the most stunning, warm vanilla smell that I don't find too strong or overpowering at all.

If you don't like a vanilla scent then literally stay so far away from this because that's all that's in it, nothing else just vanilla and its just the most beyond soft, sweet smell ever but if your not a fan of something sweet and light then I definitely don't think this will be your favourite body mist.

When I let my sister smell this, she was like 'this is basically you in bottle form' haha! It's definitely my signature scent and I'm so happy The Body Shop are still selling their beautiful vanilla scent.

You can buy it on The Body Shop for £7.50

Are you a fan of vanilla? I would love to know what your first favourite fragrance/scent was too?