Sunday Show and Tell


Hey guys,
I haven't done one of my weekly favourite link posts for ages and ages.  They are one of my favourite types of posts to make (and read on other blogs too, so send me your links if you you make them) so I'm going to try harder to bring them back weekly again!
Here is what I loved from around the Internet this week, let me know your faves too....

1.  "You don’t meme Drake; Drake memes Drake" After all the Hotline Bling fun this week I loved this article about Drake and how he sort of controls his whole image without people even realising that it's all a big master plan, pretty cool.

2.  "How the ipod changed my life" I still remember the feeling I had when I opened up my first ipod on Christmas day when I was little.  It was a Green Ipod mini and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  It totally changed the way I felt about music and how I listened to music too so I completely agree with this article, so on point.

3.  Have any of you listened to the #girlboss podcast yet.  It's where the Nastygal founder and original girlboss Sophia Amoruso interviews other awesome people and speaks to them about all the lessons they have learned along the way to becoming a girlboss.  I think it sounds really interesting and I'm going to try and check out it soon.  You can listen to them HERE

4.  "I said to Andy Warhol 'I love the soup can' and he looked at me like 'You don't belong here'." Bill Murray just being the best human ever.

5.  "What does fear taste like? Success. I have accomplished nothing without a little taste of fear in my mouth." Ahh I just love a Beyoncé quote, especially this one.  Her first print interview since 2013.

6.  This new loyalty scheme sounds really interesting from ASOS.  I am never off of ASOS so anything that rewards constant shopping with them is a winner in my eyes. ASOS is just so popular but I love how they never rest and are always changing the brand/company to make it fresh and current, it makes me like shopping with them even more.

7.  In light of THE BEST NEWS EVER which broke last week, that the Gilmore Girls reunion is on and that Netflix will be making 4 new 90 minute episodes of it with its original creator, I thought this was a nice link to include. Its Lauren Graham and the aforementioned OG creator Amy Sherman-Palladino celebrating the 15 year anniversary of the pilot episode by talking about some of their favourite things from the show.  I honestly can not tell you how excited I am about the new episodes, I am the biggest GG fan and watch it constantly without tiring of it and I just think its the most perfect TV show ever created (alongside Friends obvz)

8.  And lastly here is my instagram as I have been majorly loving it this week too.  I am relatively new on instagram and I am just loving updating it with things that I would never post on here, like behind the scenes or different makeup/fashion looks so its such a fun way to include things that I would never make a full post about on here but still wanna talk about and I'm loving sharing it all over there.  I am finding so many amazing accounts to follow as well so please either follow mine so I can check yours out or leave a link to yours down below so I can peek at it.

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday

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