Ripped Jeans and a Striped Sweater


Jumper - Hand-knitted by my mama
Jeans - New Look (via ASOS)
Shoes - Converse

It's starting to get so cold and dark here now that it's so far into Autumn.  As I'm writing this post its just hit 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I've just had to put a lamp on as its too dark to type with only the light coming in from the window.  I absolutely love winter and I am getting so excited for Christmas already (I know it's early but I am a fan) but I must admit the one thing with winter that I do struggle with is how dark it gets so quickly, it always takes me a little while to adjust to how quickly the light fades after the clocks change, I think I'm going to need to deck my room out in fairy lights to combat the darkness haha!

When it starts to get this cold i'm all about the snugly jumper, i officially brought mine all out (from where they live in the summer) last week and put them in a drawer so i can have easy access to them at all times, because lets be honest people the urge for warmth just hits in these months and i needed to have my array of cozy sweaters near me.
This is one of my new favourites.  I love cotton-wool sweaters (not cottonwool as its the white fluffy stuff to take makeup off, i mean the actual wool), they are super warm but not suffocating warm, like arran knits and fleece-y jumpers can be.  I had one from Mango a few years ago and i literally wore it till the threads were coming loose in it as it was just perfect, cotton-wool jumpers are perfect for layering over tee's too as they don't make you too hot.

I couldn't find another cotton-wool one i liked though that wasn't a ridiculous price (is it just me or is like £60 for a sweater just crazy to you too?) so i asked my super talented mama to knit me one, and she did.
I picked a pattern i liked and some wool and she created one of the most beautiful snugly jumpers i own. I picked a denim blue wool with a fleck in it for one stripe and a lovely light cream for the other and i think they look fab together.  I wanted it pretty oversized, well because i don't really see the point in wearing a jumper unless its oversized really but its not baggy and it just drapes so lovely too.
My mama has knitted me awesome jumpers/sweater/cardigans/hats/scarfs anything you can knit she's made it over the years and i just love having something that you can design yourself and it's super unique to you too, so thanks mama for being a knitting wizard!!

These are my new jeans from New Look, i feel so 90's wearing them and i love it.  I don't really suit a 'boyfriend/baggy' jean but these ones are loose rather than baggy and i just really loved them as soon as i tried them on and thought they suited me more than any other boyfriend pair i had ever tried.  I like as well that the rips aren't too crazy and they don't show your skin as no ones got time for cold knees in winter, right? haha!

Hope you are all having a beautiful day/week

P.s I have had these converse since i was about 14, it took me until i was about 17 to notice that they don't match.  They are meant to be the classic 'navy' colour, one is but the other one looks way lighter. I don't mind it but it does make me laugh that it took me like 3 years to notice i had been wearing odd coloured shoes everyday, that might give you a good insight into my life haha!

P.p.s I also got my hair done, just a little darker again with a bit more warmth to it and some more layers and side fringe cut, I'm liking it very much!

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laura said...

That jumper is such a dream!