Philip Kingsley Body and Shine Review

Philip Kingsley Body and Shine Try Me kit* - £9 - HERE

Body Building Shampoo 20ml
Give fine, limp hair a volume makeover with the Body Building Shampoo. Cleanse your hair and leave it with body and a shine your friends will envy. Gives you the weightless volume you want without the need to clog your hair with styling products."

"Moisture Balancing Conditioner 20ml
This weightless conditioner hydrates your chemically treated or heat styled hair, whilst detangling and adding shine. This weightless formula is the perfect partner to the Body Building Shampoo as it won't drag down the hair."

I was lucky enough to be given a Philip Kingsley Body and Shine travel kit to try out a few weeks ago and I thought today I would share with you what I thought of the shampoo and conditioner that comes in it.  I am going to put the review of the Elasticizer  that also comes in the kit in a separate post next week.

I have put above the description of the shampoo and conditioner that comes on the box so that you can see if it would be useful for you to try or not depending on your hair type.

I have super thick hair that is also really curly so the body building shampoo is probably not aimed at me at all as I don't need any more volume really (I can even have a bit of 'monica in humidity hair' at times I have so much hair haha) but even I noticed a difference when I used this.  It seemed to make my hair just fuller looking especially from the root and just gave my hair an all over bouncer look.  My hair felt so lovely and soft after using it too.

I completely fell in love with the conditioner though.  As my hair is so thick and curly I always like to use a really thick, rich conditioner as I feel the ends of my hair can get a bit dry sometimes so I didn't know what to think of this as it says its weightless and I didn't really know if it would suit my hair but it really did.  I would still use my heavy conditioner but use this on alternate days as it really, really untangled my hair and made it so smooth and shiny and I felt my curl looked less frizzy after using this too.

I have been wanting to try more Philip Kingsley hair products for the longest time as I am such a fan of the brand and the couple of products that I have used in the past.  I adore all the science and technology behind all the products and I love that they really do work and help your hair at the same time. 
I loved these two products and think they would be especially perfect for you if you have thin, fine or damaged hair and are looking for products that will detangle and add a lot of shine and moisture to your hair and just give it an overall super healthy appearance.
The best thing is you get these two products (and the Elasticizer ) for only £6, I can't believe that price, its amazing! Perfect to just trial the product out or even to give as a gift to someone!

Oh and Philip Kingsley also have an awesome competition on just now where you can win a prize worth over £300 which includes some of their most famous products, all you have to do is go over to their website watch the short video and answer the question based on what you've just watched. Click HERE to go see the comp.

Are you a fan of Philip Kingsley, let me know what your favourite products are?