Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Lacquer


Rimmel London - Apocalips Matte Lip Lacquer in Atomic Rose £6.46 from Boots

Just wanted to do a quick post on this Rimmel lipstick.
I know that everyone who is anyone tried these when they first came out but being the rebel that I am I have only gotten around to picking one up lately.  Feel Unique had a big sale on and I really wanted to try this colour so I picked it up in the sale and thought I would give it a wee go.

It's weird because lip colours never really look the same on me as they do on other people.  I think it might be because I'm super pale, this looks much more 'kylie Jenner' on most other people who I have seen wearing it but on me its more peachy which is strange but I really love the colour.  It's super pigmented, I was really impressed by that and it goes on so smooth and it really does give a velvet texture to your lips.  Staying power is ok, it definitely doesn't stain your lips or 'stick' to them like some other lip products that are new on the market do.  Its super easy to wear and think its a really strong colour for the price and overall I'm really impressed by the quality.

It's made me want to try some other colours from Rimmel now, let me know any you think I should pick up?