Review - 'We Go To The Gallery' by Miriam Elia

I wanted to review a little bit of a different book for you all on my blog today.  This is a book by the artist and satirist Miriam Elia. 

Do you remember all those classic 'ladybird' children books from when you were wee?  I had a ton and I just adored them, even now when I read them to my little niece and nephew's, they bring back such lovely memories.  They were simple, sweet stories with pretty illustrations that helped you learn to read and write, well Miriam decided to do her own spoof take on the classic books and this is what she produced, she kept the same outline and idea as the originals but did her own words and art.

To be honest when I got sent this book I didn't know what to think but as soon as I had a read of it I knew I had to post it on my blog. I love it, I love the message of it and the humour is just right up my street, so self-deprecating and dry and I instantly fell in love with the whole piece of work.

I love art, I always have done.  Ever since I was little I was always drawing or creating something, it's the one thing I have stuck with all my life and I hope I always do.  I find nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than sitting down and creating something from scratch.  I have always loved looking at art, wither it was in a gallery, in someone's house or something sprayed on the side of a wall.  I just enjoy looking at other peoples creations and finding out their stories and inspirations too.  I can't claim to know much about the art world in a technical sense but I know what I like and what I don't and to me that is the most important thing.  I am so open to all art though and even if it isn't my taste I try really hard to at least appreciate the ideas behind the work.  One type of art that has always just been super intriguing to me is Modern Art.  I remember once going to a museum and entering a room and it was just full of cardboard boxes covered in newspaper and it sort of just blew my mind, I mean it's definitely not my favourite type of art at all but I do love how much it provokes a reaction in people which is sort of the point at the end of the day I guess.

That's why I fell in love with Miriam's book so much because she totally sums up my feelings on modern art and it just really made me laugh.  The words are just so spot on and funny and the images are just perfect and so beautifully simple. 

Miriam has managed to keep this book so good-humoured and fun and i think its a perfect grown-up alternative to the original children's classic.  I couldn't help but include a couple of images from the book above to let you get a peek at what the books humour is like.

I actually think this would be the perfect gift for someone or just a perfect coffee table book for yourself.  It will definitely be a book that people will want to read and have a flip through when they come to your house as its just so hilarious and it will be a great conversation starter too.

If your a fan of quirky, fun books then I can't recommend this enough for you.  You can buy it here on Wordery and get free delivery on all your orders too.
You can find out more about Miriam HERE and follow her on twitter HERE