Retro Blue Radio

Say hello to the newest member of my bedroom décor.  My little blue radio.  Have you ever seen anything cuter? Isn't it so sweet and cute, I am obsessed with it.

I wanted a really old fashioned radio for so long.  I knew the exact thing I was looking for and when I came across this on amazon I just knew it was fate.
I know there are a ton of vintage style radio's on the market but they are all super expensive and are all DAB radio's too which I 100% didn't want.
I know most people will think it's weird that I didn't want a digital radio but I really wanted a manual tuner so I would get that lovely authentic crackle when your change stations and I also just want to have all local stations on it as I just love the idea of coming across little random stations that I've never heard of or listening in to a radio station and finding new music to love that I would never have come across if it was digital as I would have swept by the station to find one I already knew.

I did want to make sure that it had a AUX port though so I could play all my own music from my ipod through it and turn it into a sort of docking station for that and I can also connect my kindle to it through the AUX point which means I can listen to my spotify, audio books and podcasts (which I have been loving lately) and if the mood takes me I can also turn it into a digital radio by using one of those radio station sites and streaming it through my kindle onto the radio, so I really feel like I have the best of both worlds.

The radio is even prettier than I expected in real life and the colour just goes amazingly well with my room too.  I use batteries in it so I can make it portable and take it outside too if I want but you can use the adaptor it came with and plug it into a wall (although it comes with a EU plug and they were meant to send me a converted one with it but they didn't but a quick call to amazon and they had sent me one free of charge through the post the very next day, so no drama there at all).

I am so in love with my little retro radio, do any of you have an FM/AM radio or do you prefer digital? Let me know?

You can buy this on Amazon for £43.14 (ignore the colour it shows on amazon as it looks nothing like the picture, it will be the same colour mine is above) you can also buy it in brown and white too. Although when I checked there was only one left and they seem to be selling out everywhere, so be quick!

P.S My little pink cable to connect all my bits to the radio to stream though it is from HERE for 89p