Mally Liquid Lipstick


If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know how much I am in love with Mally make-up.  I have a ton of her products and not one single thing I have bought from her has let me down yet.  The colour pay-off, texture and colours of her range is just mind-blowing.  She uses the colour-palette that I love and her aesthetic is so neutral and simple which is right up my street.

Just a quick 411 on Mally if you don't know who she is.  She is a world-famous make-up artist to the likes of J-lo and Beyoncé to name a few and she created products to use on her clients and they were so popular she decided to make her own brand and sell them.

Every since I have been little Jennifer Lopez has been my ultimate beauty idol, I just always thought she was this awesomely amazing lady who never tried to conform to what the media standard of beauty is and I've always found that just so inspiring. I have also spent most of my make-up wearing years trying to recreate all her beauty looks as I just love how simple, yet beautiful her make-up is, so when I found out Mally was her make-up artist and used a lot of her products on Miss Lopez's face I knew I had to try the line. 

Anyone who knows J-lo's make-up will know its all about that perfect nude/slightly pink lip and I couldn't wait to try Mally's lip products to see if I could find my perfect J-lo colour.
Well, *Klaxon alert* I've found it.

I am wearing 'Cherry Blossom' or 'Blossom' as it's listed on QVC and I can not even describe how amazing this colour is.  I literally want to buy 100 tubes of the stuff so in case she ever stops making it then I will always have some, that is how much I love it!

Mally's lip products are liquid lipsticks with mega shine.  I have used a few liquid lipsticks and I would say Mally's are way more pigmented than most of them are.  It is so smooth on your lips and super hydrating too.

The colour is really nude-like but with the slightest hint of pale pink but the pink is just pink enough that it gives your whole face a lift and stops your lips looking too pale and washed out.  It looks much darker in the tube than it does on your lips.

I can't rave about this colour enough, it is amazing!

Let me know if you have tried this product and what you think about it?

You can buy this here on QVC and mine is in shade 'Blossom'