The Perfect Slouchy Sweater



Sweater - ASOS
Jeans - New Look

I couldn't wait to get this post up to show you my new favourite jumper.  I'm someone who could (um, kinda does actually) live in big over-sized comfy sweaters and I'm always on the lookout for new styles to add to my collection and when I saw this one in the ASOS sale a few weeks ago I knew I had to get it.
I don't know about you, but I have this thing when it comes to asos and buying things like jumpers and tee's I never really bother about the size.  If they have the size I am, I normally always either order one up or one down too just to try them out to see what suits better.  So when I saw this in the sale and was just so desperate to buy it I didn't even bother when they only had a much bigger size left, I just clicked buy anyway and I'm so glad I did because its just the perfect oversized/slouchy but not too baggy fit.
It's slub cotton so it has the softest feel to it and I don't know if you can see in the pictures above but it has a slit up either seam at the side of the jumper.  Enough of a cut that it adds shape to the jumper but not enough that you have to actually show skin which makes it still perfect for wintertime too.

I always love linking you to the products I wear so that in case you fancy something you can buy it (and because I hate when some bloggers wear the most beautiful things and you so want to buy it and you go to click through and there is no link...argh) but I can only find the Tall version of this sweater, the normal one must have sold out but it is the exact same although I guess just a teeny bit longer in the body and arms, but I wouldn't let that put you off.  HERE is the link, also here is the same jumper but in a different fabric, its chunky and I think I need this one in my life too HERE is the link to that one as well. 

Oh and I just wanted to say a quick mention about my jeans too, seriously the best jeans I have bought in a looong time, way better than all the Topshop ones I've tried which I really never thought I would say.  So stretchy yet fitted and uber comfortable too.  The perfect skinny jean! Who knew New Look were so good at making jeans.


Rebecca Ellis said...

Who doesn't love a slouchy jumper? I'm obsessed haha :). Gorgeous choice might I add x

Pinja said...

Ahhh this looks just perfect!