St Tropez Tan Review


So here is part two of my 'Fake Tan diaries'.  If you want to have a peek at my first fake tan review of the summer then click HERE.

I had wanted to try this St Tropez wash off tan for the longest time.  I tried the light version (the one with the pink top) when it was released and I loved it but my skin is so pale I didn't really think it showed up much on me, so I was desperate to try the medium/dark version so I would be able to get a bit of a stronger colour off of the tan.

So as you can see in the photos above I have the tan on my face (and make up on too obvz) and my whole upper body.  The colour is super subtle but gives a really nice natural glowy shade.
I was surprised as I was worried that the darker version of this would make me look a bit muddy but it hasn't at all.
I only put one coat of the colour on though as I was worried what shade it would turn out but I think it would be best to always do a couple of coats as you will get more of a colour pay-off with that.

I just LOVE how quick and easy this tan is.  You slather it on, it comes out the deep, dark brown shade that can look a bit scary but as soon as you rub it in the colour starts to develop and the muddy shade turns into a beautiful golden tan, its magical, haha!
I love that its as easy to come off as it is to go on. You can just wash it off with soap/gel and water and it won't leave a hint of colour behind or do that crazy fading away in bits thing some tans do.

It's weird because when I applied it on my arms I was worried I had made it look streaky but it wasn't at all when it dried in, it must even itself out in the drying process or something, oh and it literally takes 2mins to dry before you can put your clothes on so this really is a perfect one for those 'running out the door but need to top up your tan' moments.

Overall I love this product, I am a big fan of the colour St Tropez tans gives you and I love how quick and easy this one is to apply.
I think this is perfect for topping up your already existing colour or for just giving you a subtle sunkissed glow!

Have you tried this tan before? Let me know what you think?
You can buy it here from BeautyBay where it is in the sale for £7.44


HazelxJoy said...

I have tried a St Tropez wash off mousse before which was pretty good but I like the sound of this too.
I wanted to try the James Read spray but was too slow and it sold out! I think perhaps I'm more of a wash-off tan kinda girl, the gradual fading ones seem like a lot of work and they never fade evenly on me. I need low, low maintenance!

rae lovefromberlin said...

I have never tried any self tanners because I am naturally quite dark already - in fact I tend to opt for whiteners but it's the opposite with the asian community. Looks nice on you though!

Rae | Love from Berlin

Josie said...

This sounds great! Sounds perfect for the British weather when we get those random sunny days that you're never prepared for! x

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