Review - Benefit Roller Lash Mascara


First off I have to apologise for the quality of the first photo.  I had taken some of my eyelashes on my normal camera and something must have been over the lens without me noticing and they didn't work out but I really, really wanted to put this review up today for you guys so just went ahead and used a photo off of my phone, hence the lower quality but hopefully you can still get a good look at my eyelashes and what the mascara looks like on them.

OK so on to the review....
I know there has been like 101 reviews already for this mascara but I wanted to put my 2 cents in as well.
I got Roller lash when it was just out, I was watching the Benefit make-up artist do a demonstration on QVC and just fell in love with the whole idea and knew I needed to try it out.

What it says on the box -
OK, so this mascara has a lot of claims, it says that you can throw away your eyelash curlers as it will curl your lashes for you (and hold the curl all day).  Make your eyes look bigger and more wide-awake and lift your lashes up too.  Big claims but I can honestly say, 100% truthfully that it achieves them all.  Can you believe it, a product that actually does what it says it's meant too, crazytimes haha! I was super cynical if I'm being honest, I never thought it would curl my heavy lashes at all and it really does.  It doesn't just curl them a little either as you can see in the photo, my lashes are so lifted when I wear it that they nearly touch my brows and the hold lasts all day.

My opinion -
I am in LOVE with this mascara and that's not something I say often.  I have tried sooo many mascara's over the years, from high-end to low-end and I have been disappointed over and over again.  Apart from my faithful YSL mascara and a Mally mascara that I love, I never repurchased any other mascara I have bought because I have always just been so unimpressed.  But this one is going straight up there with my faves, to be honest I haven't even been wearing any other mascara's apart from this one for months (I'm wearing it in most of my recent outfit photos too) that's how much I love it.  I still can't believe that I don't need an eyelash curler when I use it and my lashes just look so long and fluttery that I need to repurchase another tube asap so I'm never without it!

What I will say is this mascara has never claimed to make your lashes thick and full and super duper long and I think that's why some people have been confused by it.  It's definitely marketed as a day mascara that you can layer a thicker mascara over for night time/partying.  It definitely doesn't make my lashes look as thick as my voluminous YSL one does more long and thin which I personally love and think is it just perfect for everyday.  But here's my tip when I layer this mascara, I achieve amazing length and a fluttery full effect so even though it says that's not what it's for when you put around 3 coats on you get the most glorious dramatic eye/party look.  So don't worry if you want it for day and night and are worried that it wouldn't work for that, it does but you just have to layer.  Let each layer dry for a min or two and then do another one as that adds thickness to your lashes too.

If you are looking for a mascara that is quick, easy, gives you length and curl and makes you look more awake then this is definitely the one for you. I am obsessed by it and I think it will be a favourite for a long time.

Oh and QVC are still doing it for £15 HERE so I would get it while it's cheaper and QVC have a 30 day returns policy even on make-up so its a great way to try it and if you don't like it you can still get your money back!

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